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k2 Apache Crossfire - Buy or Wait?

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A local ski shop is selling the Apache Crossfire 174cm w/ the integrated bindings for $499. I've had the opportunity to ski the Omni 5.5 168cm and Salomon Limited. Like the narrower edge grip on the Omni's, but wanted to move up a level.

Would like to ski Volkl 4/5 star and Fischer RX6/8, however, skiing mainly in the midwest demo options are pretty limited. I've spent a fair amount in rentals over the past season and thought it was time to replace old skiis.

-6ft tall, 175-180 lbs
-levels 6-7
-mainly midwest, three days in the Rockies per season
-conditions typically groomed and hardpack
-ski mostly blue, some black, some bumps
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I demoed the Crossfires and they were an amazing ski. They were very smooth and predicatable. They rode like a dream. However, I decided to go with the Nordica SpeedMachine 12 because they seemed to have a little more life. The k2s rode like a Cadillac, the Speedmachines rode like a sports car. My local shop here in Ohio wanted $625 for the K2s. The Speeds were $550. Both very nice skis.
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I have the 04/05 crossfires and love them. You will definitely like them better than the omni. They are more stable and smooth (the crossfires have metal layers, the omnis do not).

They are not really the best ski in anything, but they perform very nice in about any condition (except deep snow). A good all around ski, that is pretty easy to ski.
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Go for it-great ski BUT if you are an "intermediate" or even lower advanced skier, the Apache X gets the nod from all testers-great performance, but more forgiving, easier to turn, etc.
that said, the crossfire's are easy to ski and they fly! At that price, you can't go wrong.
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Thanks for the feedback. The Crossfire sounds like a great ski. I did happen to stumble across a pair of slightly-used (less than 6 times) Nordica Speedmachine 12.1s w/ bindings for what appears will sell ~$180, however, they are 178cm.

I have demo'd 178cm shaped skis and felt comfortable with them having skiied 190cm straight skiis in the past. However, based on feedback from various sources, 170-176cm seems to be the range.
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