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Completely O/T: Sorry!

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I have a computer problem and though maybe you all could help or advise. I lost a ton of heavy (portfolio images, etc.) files on my harddrive over the weekend....one day they were there, the next they were gone. I didn't accidentally delete them, or do anything weird.
But when I look at Windows XP, and look at my folders that contained the files, one the left side of windows xp where it shows folder properties, it still says that the folder contains the files (ie. it says the folder has xx mb, which corresponds to what it should have with the files I lost.) But those files are not listed as being there!!!
Am I screwed or is there something I can do?

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Weird. One thing you can do is in Windows Explorer, go to the "tools" menu, then "folder options", then the "view" tab, then click on "show hidden files and folders". Click on "Apply to all folders", click "ok" a bunch of times to get out, cross your fingers, and take a look and see if your files have re-appeared. If they have, right-click the file names in Explorer, select "properties" and un-check the "hidden" check-box in the properties window.

The other option is to go to the Recycle Bin (located somewhere on your desktop), right click on it, select "explore" and see if your missing files are in their. If they are, right click the files and select "restore" and they'll reappear.

If neither of those options work, DO NOT TOUCH THE COMPUTER. Get onto another one, and google around and find a file-restore utility. There must be a shareware utility somewhere that recovers deleted files. When files are deleted, they don't really go anywhere, just the space they use up on the disk is marked as "available" as oppossed to "taken". The more "stuff" you do on your computer, the more likely it is that you're going to overwrite the files. Install the file-restore utility, cross your fingers that it's installation didn't just overwrite anything you wanted to restore, run it, rub some rabbit's feet, hang horseshoes, etc. and hope you get lucky.
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Check your recycled folder. If the files are not there, then at least make sure the recycled folder is not emptied on shut down. Then shut down. If the files do not reappear, use Windows Explorer to search for the files (vs my computer). Check View - choose details to make sure something should be displayed. Then check Tools-Folder Options-View Tab. Make sure hidden files are viewable.

Sometimes Windows loses little settings that can cause these kinds of problems. But you also may have disk damage that needs to be repaired, if possible.
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