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Snowmass Instructor?

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It looks like my Dad may be in Snowmass mid-next-week (waiting to confirm a meeting). In recent years, he has started skiing with an instructor more often than not, especially when he's skiing at a place where he's not super-familiar with the terrain. I have a feeling he'll be looking for a private instructor at Snowmass for a day. Anyone know of somebody good who might have some free time on their *dancecard?*

Dad has been skiing for many years, and is reasonably fit, in his early 60s. After a few injuries, though, he has gotten more conservative on the hill, and is most likely to be skiing moderate blue groomers, and maybe some powder on the easier slopes. He's more interested in good technique at slow to moderate speeds than he is in pushing his limits, and likes an instructor who willing to work technique on the *comfortable* terrain, rather than pushing him to do something he has no interest in doing (like steep blacks and double blacks with variable snow conditions). At this point, he just wants to be outside and have fun in his comfort level.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations. I know this is a busy time of year, so he may be SOL.
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Call the aspen/snowmass ski school and try to get hold of epic's "weems" (pm him from here). He runs the show there and will put your dad with the best he has to offer. I've used his school several times and have nothing put praise for their instructors.

Phone # 970-927-3364
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