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A new measure of success?

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Recently I have been attempting to emphasize the social aspects of skiing in my lessons, and Sunday I had what I believe to have been great success. I had a two person group (level 4), women in their thirties/forties, and did activities designed to get the two to talk to each other as they learned skiing. At the end of the lesson they exchanged phone numbers and set up a time to ski with each other. I had helped their skiing technique, but I think even more importantly I think I helped make skiing much more fun for them.

Maybe we should be thinking in terms of making the lesson experience fun, even if we do not cram as much ski technique as we can into the short time.
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S F L.
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Not every student is interested in a team building experience. But many instructors are blind to the opportunity when it presents itself. Little things from buddying up to group applause can go a long way.

Safety, FUN, and Learning --- in that order
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