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Cheap MiniDV

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I have seen some really cheap DV for sale on Ebay, what are your comments on those? Any Experiences? Since its so small, I thought it would be nice for the ski slopes. I know its only 3.1 MP, 4x zooming.....

http://cgi.ebay.com/DV-182-3-1-MP-Di...cmdZ ViewItem

I believe these are made in China. Toys or the real thing?:
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Hahaha, you get what you pay for...

"* Video Resolution
* 320x240 at 15fps"

"Video length depends on size of external SD / MMC memory card installed
(approx. 2 hours of video on 512MB)"

Sure, it's digital video, but it's not actually miniDV. It's on a flash card, and it's terrible res.

3.1 megapixel's means nothing unless you take photos with your camcorder, which is pretty silly.
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Do a little research

A miniDV camcorder is going to cost about 200 dollars, although there appear to be some on ebay running 150 or so.
Go with a known brand like JVC, Sony, Panasonic, etc.

Here is a good example with a VERY detailed description of the product:
http://cgi.ebay.com/JVC-GR-D250-Mini...c mdZViewItem

You should make sure that the camera is actually a miniDV camera. The one you listed is NOT. Anything that says miniDV and is from Sony, JVC, etc will be fine.

At the least, you should get the model number of the ebay auction you are interested in and google it to veryify that it is a legitimate miniDV camcorder that uses tapes (some use mini DVD's but tend to be more expensive).


http://cgi.ebay.com/JVC-GR-D270U-Min...cmd ZViewItem
http://cgi.ebay.com/JVC-GR-D93U-DIGI...cmdZ ViewItem
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Time v. Money, capturing fleeting happy times...

You can order a name brand miniDV camcorder online from a shop like B&H Photo in New York for a few hundred bucks. The lenses, batteries, and other accessories are readily available too.

I mean, what's your time worth? How many chances are you going to have to capture the short time you have to ski, spend with family, etc.? Why risk crappy equipment?

FWIW, I've had 2 Sony miniDV camcorders in the last 6 years, and each has done well by me and created many happy times for others when viewing. I'm sure the other major brands are good too.

BTW: One of the great things about a camcorder is getting off the slopes & playing the "dailies" with your buddies and/or family & seeing them laugh about all of the great times again on the very same day. Then, later, everyone laughs about them again when you burn the DVD & edit it to make it more entertaining. Fun stuff.
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If you have a Costco handy, they have the best deal I've seen. We got the 8" model for arround $150, and so far so good + good return policy.
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