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Ski Length Advice

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What length of ski?

I'm a male 6 ft. tall, 175-180 lbs. on average, skiing at levels 6-7. I tend to ski mostly blue groomed, some black, some moguls. Do not venture off-piste that often. Ski in the midwest maybe six times per year and venture out west once per year to ski four days.

I've been looking Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
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Will depend somewhat on the type of ski you buy. I'll take a stab at suggestions, but other may do a better job than me.

All-mountain, midfat, on/off trial type ski - probably about 170 - 175 cm (example: Volkl AC2 in 170).
Carving, groomer focused ski, primarily shorter turn focus - maybe 160 - 165 cm (example Volkl Supersport 4 star in 161)
Carving, groomer focused ski, primarily longer turn focus - maybe 165 - 170cm (example Fischer RX6 in 170)

Sounds like you're not much of an off piste skier, so a carving ski is probably more the right choice. Just a matter of compiling a demo list and giving some of them a try.
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Demo List

Thanks for the information. I'm looking for a ski that might perform well for short and medium turns.

I recently demo'd the Apache Omni 5.5 168cm, which I felt held an edge nicely. A local ski shop is selling the Apache Crossfire 174cm w/ the integrated bindings for $499. Skiing mainly in the midwest my demo options are slim unfortunately. I've spent a fair amount in rentals over the past season and thought it was time to replace my old skiis.
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