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Do you ski in NYC or Paris on a freakin' catwalk? Who the hell cares about a small amount of green on your bindings? Just the fact that you're color coordinating your stuff probably tells me you've bought gear in the past based on the way it looks, not the way it performs- deal with it and move on.
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Do these bindings make my ass look fat?
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Could be worse-I've got a pair of the World's Frugliest Skis (AKA Atomic SX11s). You know, screaming tangerine and radioactive lime green AND I remounted my previous red Xentric bindings on them! I be stylin'-too bad I can't find a pimp hat helmet cover and ski with a couple of diamond walking sticks instead of poles.
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Originally Posted by tief schnee
Do these bindings make my ass look fat?
Actually they do make your ass look fat.
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At least with that color combo you will know those are your skis in the rack
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Dude, you are really taking a beating here.
To get a straight answer, I'd post your question on the TGR message board
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Originally Posted by tief schnee
Do these bindings make my ass look fat?
Do you want them to make your ass look fat?
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Keepin the Skis

Originally Posted by stoweguy
Dude, you are really taking a beating here.
To get a straight answer, I'd post your question on the TGR message board
Posting any question on Epic is a serious risk to the ego, unless you are in to self mutilation.

Made a decision to keep the skis as the deal is still too sweet to give up. Having said that, I still believe the vendor should have advised the bindings were mismatched, either in the ad or prior to shipping them out.

Next time I will deal with Dawcatching or Jason at Skideals in Calgary. Neither are anywhere within a 1000 miles of being local, but you are dealing with a real person. Or is everything here on Epic an illusion, a parllell universe. I am starting to get paranoid.:

I haven't had the skis out yet as it has been raining this week. Sugarloaf for a week starting on the 18th. Can't wait.

As it is raining again today, I will get the tool kit out and get a few coats of wax on these skis. Wax, scrape, Corona - repeat:
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Enjoy the skis ski-dad....I have been on those skis and they are truly fabulous. One run and you'll forget all about the mis match.

FWIW lime green binding on orange ski? Pretty cool, exactly what I would have chosen!!! Sweet!

IMO it's fun to be kinda different!

Don't forget to post a review in the gear forum when you get back
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Binding color

I understand wanting them to look like the pretty pictures. However, lime and orange aren't bad together at all. Besides, you will likely have the only pair like that when you are looking for them. It's not like ONE of the bindings is wrong- I don't think even the next buyer will care, and actually, I'd kinda like it. It's comfortably different, and really, you won't have to argue about which pair is yours
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Originally Posted by Ski-Dad
Posting any question on Epic is a serious risk to the ego, unless you are in to self mutilation.
I agree. This forum has turned from a productive one to a bunch of a-holes over the past two years. It's a real shame too, because it offers so much. I like to keep in mind that I won't write what I won't say to your face. I'm sure the majority of the a-holes here are pipsqueak little internet geeks with nothing better to do in their little cubicles between getting coffee for the dorky boss...

Shame tho'
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At the end of a season deals often come with mismatches. I'm sure at the beginning of the season they had the right number of green and orange bindings which people got to buy matched to the skis at 100% of list price. Then a few bindings got sent back or people damaged and presto they have mismatched colors. That's why you got a great deal. At the end of the day bindings hold your boots to the skis. Most peole will not be looking DOWN at them, unless they are bored in the lift line or are in the process of falling down the mountain.

Originally Posted by Ski-Dad
Just received my anticipated delivery of my new RX8s I bought off Ebay early last week. They shipped the correct make and model of bindings, but the wrong colour. LIME GREEN instead of orange to match the skis. The bindings shipped are clearly for the RX9. See the Fischer website with the skis side by side:

I have sent an intial email to the vendor. Here is the response:

"Hi the only bindings that were left that we received for the ski was
green these bindings are the same they are the right ones for the ski."

I am not happy. If the bindings were not the colour coded orange, no big deal.. I can handle black or silver, but LIME GREEN

Am I being overly picky. I have asked the vendor again what they are prepared to do. I am a awaiting a response. The vendor is a high volume Ebay seller (4000 + transactions) with a 99.2% approval rating. The binding was not pictured in the auction. There was a stock photo of the RX8.

I am debating whether I should return the skis if they don't offer a satisfactory resolution. My dilema is I really want the skis and they were a solid deal at $455.

Am I being too picky?: :

What is a reasonable compromise? :
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so much abuse for a little question. i don't think ski-dad was being anal about matching this or that .i think he bought some new skiis and is excited about getting on them and was wondering if he was being reasonable about the color match question. i guess he sure got some input here. enjoy your skiis and have a wonderful trip.
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If it was not the color specified in the ebay description, then I would definetly work something out with the seller. if you ever want to sell the skis & bindings later the mismatched color would certainly be an issue. the other reasonable remedy is to buy a matching pair & sell the lime on ebay.
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First big internet purchase?
I was a little nervous too the first time. Don't sweat it. You got a great deal.
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Well, I'm going to take the less popular stance here and say that you should talk to the seller about the binding situation. I have the green FX-12's on my RX-9's and on my AMC76's and they match the skis. Fischer does specify the orange binding for the RX-8 and the green binding for the RX-9, so I too would be surprised to see the green binding on an RX-8. I know it's only cosmetic, but if it bothers you, there is no better chance to get it resolved than the present.
I'm not sure if Fischer has any of the orange bindings at the factory, but if they do you may be able to return your binding and have your local dealer order you one if you have a good relationship with them.
I recently tried to purchase the WC RC in a 170 from my dealer and both they and Fischer were sold out. I then mail ordered a pair of skis and I am having my dealer mount bindings which I am purchasing from him.
Speaking of which, since both he and Fischer are sold out of the Fischer FR13 binding, I am going with the Tyrolia Freeflex 14 which is nearly identical. It also comes in silver/grey and matches the ski quite well!
A similar option for you would be to go with the Tyrolia LD12 which also comes in orange if you don't have any luck finding the orange FX-12.
As I said, it's only cosmetic, but if you are planning on keeping your skis for a few years and you know it's going to bother you, you should make some calls.
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I think you should pursue it as much as you can with the vendor. You should also call Fischer and see if you could swap the bindings directly through them. Squeaky wheel gets the oil, right? Never hurst to ask.
That's what I would do. Of course I've been told I'm anal retentive and a "control freak" but its something I've come to accept and pride myself on. I think the vendor should have disclosed the matter since the binding is different from the one specified o the Fischer site. I know it would bother me every time I rode the lift up. Just sitting there looking at my mismatched bindings/skis and thinking "Dammit all!"
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Fisher has the correct orange bidings in stock to match the RX-8. They aren't sure why your dealer had more skis than bindings.
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