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Good Luck (Again) Tsavo

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Katy is going back under the knife shortly to correct this seasons earlier shoulder repair which hasn't healed as anticipated.

Best wishes- I'll be thinking of you while I'm down in Scottsdale! (I just had a vision of a single digit salute from Katy-not shy, demure Katy)

You'll be back skiing like a girl next year-just avoid Loveland on Fridays!!!! How are we going to take the Pro-Lady if you keep getting injured?

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Hope this fix works as intended!! Heal fast Katy.

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****Note to Greg(UL)****

....add straws to grocery list for whatever parties develop in April.....Katy won't be able to lift any of her arms to drink stuff.

Best wishes and heal fast !!

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Damn, what a lot of trauma and pain to have to go through. I'm really sorry. I hope this is the last ever.
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Surgery went well. I've been told I have the "industrial strength shoulder": by the doctor and the P.A.! Still no skiing till next season but I hope to be swinging the golf clubs in a few months .

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Originally Posted by Tsavo
but I hope to be swinging the golf clubs in a few months
Cool-we'll get you to the range for a little remedial work. Start easy-putting and chipping then a few half wedges-etc, etc. (Might as well practice where the money is anyway.) No letting the big dog rip for some time!!!

Did you make it rain and snow in Scottsdale when I was there last week? Sticking pins in the Mikey doll?

MARCH MADNESS has arrived and it's not a basketball tournament.

Be Well,

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