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CO / UT ski weekend trip

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My best friend came out West from NYC to ski with me this past weekend. We started early Friday morning at Vail. Aside from a gorgeous Colorado bluebird sky and 40 deg. temps, I was terribly dissappointed and embarrassed (since my East coast friend was expecting good skiing during his first time out here). The skiing was the worst I've had in CO this year. The back bowls were frozen crud for a few hours in the morning, and then turned into an unbearable soup of slush. We found one good run in the Mongolia bowls, the rest was really sad. WE NEED NEW SNOW!!!!!!!!

So we drove back to Denver that evening, then flew out to SLC early and were at Snowbasin by 10:30 am. I was blown away by the lodge and the service. We went straight up to the top of men's downhill, took in the incredible view and tucked all the way down (j/K!!!). Then we made our way over to Strawberry Gondola, then hiked along the ridgetop and dropped into some incredible untouched pow. We skied the upper reaches of the mtn. the rest of the day with HUGE smiles on our face. The snow was heavier than I expected but was absolutely incredible in depth and coverage. And there WAS NO ONE THERE!!!
The next day we skied Alta and found incredible but small untouched pockets all over. I loved the Catherine area...real backcountry feel. I loved both mountains so much, but didn't like how you had to hike so much at Alta to get to the goods. A few hikes is fine, but having to hike all day is alittle much. But the mountains in the canyon were just mind boggling - very very steep. The skiing in UT was incredibly enjoyable, but I found SLC to be a pretty boring town. Really nothing to do on Sat or esp. Sun. night But the Wasatch Range is really beautiful.
Another highlight for me was flying back this morning to Denver and cruising right over Longs Peak and Chasm Lake....absolutely breathtaking.

UT skiiing = WOW!!!! Thank you Bears for your help and recommendations!
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