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South Lake Tahoe Ski Shops

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I'm going up to South Lake Tahoe next week. Plan to be skiing mostly Heavenly and any other places that I feel like driving to. I'll be there for a week and was planning to buy a new set of all mtn (nearing towards the fatty powder side) skis while I'm there.

One set of skis that have caught my eye were the Fischer AMC 79's, and the Salomon ski that replaced the Pocket Rocket.... so bonus points if they're a Salomon or Fischer dealer.

Also I've heard of ski shops giving deals to people who demo from the shop (final price = retail price of new skis - some % of demoing cost) some sort of percentage off of the skis for demoing from their store. Is this just a myth that I heard somewhere? Or do shops actually do this?

Thanks a ton!

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You can't go wrong with either of these stores.

It's right next to the Gondola. They carry Fischer, but not Salomon.

http://www.tahoedemocenter.com/ It's a bit farther away from Heavenly, but Jon is really good. I bought my Head Monsters from him. He's sometimes here on Epic. They are huge Head dealers, not sure what else they carry.

Good luck.

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Try Tahoe Dave's. They have 3-4 shops in North Tahoe, so I would assume that there is a shop in South Tahoe.
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