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2007 K2 skis

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I bought a pair of flat 2006 K2 Lotta luvs online for the wife recently and was just informed that they ran out of the 06 models and was offering the 07 for the same price. I assume that they are similar being that they've only been out a year or so. Does anyone have any info on the ski? Dimensions? Pictures? I would like to know what I'm getting before I agree to anything.

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A lot of the K2's are graphical changes only for 07, however, I can't remember if the Lotta Luv's are just graphical or not.
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My sister demo them about a week a ago and said they ski exactly the same, execpt for some small differences; but nothing to turn ppl away from them. The biggest difference is the top graphic, which the whole T-nine group graphic was changed. I the best I can explain it is there are no flowers on them anymore and is seem to be a universal gold/bronze top graphic. This really upset my sister b/c she wanted to get the One Luv's b/c out of the Burning Luv and One Luv, she said " the One Luv's are prettier."
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THANK GOD! I might even try the skis again now that the flowers are gone.
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Originally Posted by sibhusky
THANK GOD! I might even try the skis again now that the flowers are gone.
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Anyone got pics of the 2007 Lottas? Terry has picked the Lottas, but would really like to see the 2007s, since it's looking like the 2006s are pretty much gone. She likes the flowers, tho.
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The whole "Luv" line went ballistic for K2 - best thing they ever did.

Every female I know on these skis (a bunch) luv's 'em.

K2 must have done something right - flowers and all.
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Yeah. Terry's skiing completely changed on the Lottas (even though she'd been on the Ones at the ESA). Way different even from the Exclusive Legends. They had an amazing effect, and I'm looking forward to her having her own pair next year.
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Great line of skis. I bought my Phat Luvs from a poster here, unseen and unskiied, and they are brilliant. I notice that, as you go up the line, there are more flowers! My Phats have huge hawaiian hibiscus on them. It might serve to keep the men off them BUT the other day I saw a guy on some Burnin's, so maybe not.

I think the flowers were a great idea from K2, it's a shame they've got rid of them. They could've done the lot in pink, with flowers. (like this year's Phat Luvs).

I sure saw a lot on the hill today, at the PSIA event. two pairs of Burnin's in my group alone. (and my Phats).
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Terry would have scrapped for pink flowers on her Lottas! But, she collected tea china with roses on it, too...
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When you are hammering the hill, the flowers just confuse the guys who aren't hammering anything, except their own bodies. It's k2's very funny little joke. they should flog stickers with the new skis, so women can apply their own flowers.
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"Ski Like a Girl" stickers?
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I hang out at singles bars on Main st telling all the Ladies I'm a K2 rep works better then my 1970's white Disco suit and platform shoes. Those ladies do love thier Luvs.
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