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New Liners, now what?

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Just picked up some Head liners for my old yellow World Cup boots. The liner, I have been told, is heat moldable. Can I heat them up in the microwave oven? If so, how long with a 1000 watt oven? These have been the most comfortable boots I've ever owned so I really don't want to go through the process of getting fitted with new boots. I've got a wide tall high volume foot so I hope I can pull this off. And I do have custom footbeds(Superfeet).
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Is there a local ski shop that you visit? If so, you could probably just drop in and ask them if you could use their boot heaters.

Failing that, I'm sure Noodler will tell you how long to put them in your microwave!
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Sorry, but I don't have a clue about Head liners!

Your best bet is to contact a shop that carries the line and see what they say about the proper method to heat the liners. A microwave could work, but then it could be a total disaster too - destroying your liner and the microwave at the same time.

Honestly, I've never even considered putting liners into a microwave until I saw the instructions for the ZipFit liners.
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Originally Posted by grumpyof
The liner, I have been told, is heat moldable.
can be but doesn't have to be, they will pack out wiht or without that heating, it just helps speed it up. Not a bad thing really, just helps what is going to happen anyways

ski them as is is my vote...

or try a HOT blowdryer for 5 minutes and buckle tight while they cool
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