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Hood choice for Friday?

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I may have one day to cut out of a biz trip in PDX to ski Hood on Friday. If you know the areas, I'd welcome any constructive input. I'm a reasonably proficient eastern skier who enjoys steeps and is starting to get a feel for powder, trees, etc. out west. Bumps are not my friend this year due to knee injury.

The choices, and what little I know of each.

--Mt. Hood Meadows: If not for all the negatives posted here lately, I'd think this is the obvious choice, it appears to have lots of fast new lifts, decent terrain, and whatever crowd issues come up on weekends should not concern me skiing single on a Friday.

--Timberline looks pretty but not much excitement in the terrain department; I'd take a pass on this if conditions and cover are good at Meadows or Skibowl.

--SkiBowl: Not much posted on it here lately. I know it's the lowest of the 3 resorts and there may be rain this week but as of today, they're saying the snow line is at 3000 feet and the base at Skibowl is 3600. Skibowl publishes that 60% of its terrrain is black diamond. Slow lifts but if no crowds and less drive time, maybe this is the best choice of the 3.

Any thoughts?

PS, I know Bachelor or Crystal offer more, but I don't have time to reach either and this is just a one day trip.
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The forecast looks great; snow all week. I'll be at Meadows tomorrow (& every Tuesday). Meadows has the most varied terrain of the 3, and lots of snow this year. We've had some wonderful ski days recently. Timberline's basically an intermediate area. SkiBowl, conditions permitting, is a nice family area w some good steeps, cheaper tix.

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Weather looks perfect. Thanks for the link.
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Bump / slight twist on the question: looks like I might get a late start and ski into the evening hours. Skibowl claims more night skiing. Question is whether the night skiing at Skibowl is so much better that I should give up the afternoon at Meadows. (I have to rent skis at the hill so I don't want to do both.)

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Ski bowl is closer than Meadows. Pretty much a toss up on the skiing @ night. Ski bowl might have a lttle more terrain for night skiing. With the weather and all I'd go Meadows. The winds have been rather high last few days and Meadows is better protected. Have fun what ever you decide.
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The forecast looks good; cold, continued snow, light winds by Fri afternoon.
Meadows has more daytime advanced terrain [The run Heather Canyon has been open.] Ski Bowl does have more night terrain, and some daytime blacks. It's been cold enough that their conditions should also be good (not always true due to lower altitude).

Forecast: http://www.nwac.us/products/SABNW

Ski Bowl is about 30 min. closer., less mtn. driving.

Your call-- you should have a good day/night regardless. Enjoy!

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Thanks to you both.
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Hope you had a good day. Where did you end up?
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Meadows. I got an early start and figured I should go for the bigger place. It was great, I've never seen so much powder in my life. Minimal lift lines, really nice terrain. Heather Canyon and the (Something?) Star next to it were a lot of fun.

Did I mention the powder?!!!

Thanks again.
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Glad you had fun on Heather & Shooting Star. We've had tons of snow this week-- even in Portland, a fairly rare occurence. Your timing was great! All work & no play... *<8-)
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