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Where is Janesdad?

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I've noticed that Janesdad hasn't been posting his usual "family friendly" and caring posts for some time. Any one know where he went? If you're reading this out there, you are missed
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He's in the Tuning forum talking about taking his power tools to his poor helpless skis . I bet Jane doesn't know either.

Actually I think that everyone is in agreement that the power tools should go near the skis .
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His last post in the tuning forum was early Dec
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Originally Posted by fischermh
His last post in the tuning forum was early Dec
Yep, he is one of the sensible people in this forum, and I kinda miss him. Hope he's back soon.
I kinda wonder if Jane got her poles, and how his wife and 'bundle of joy' are coming along.
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No Jane, No Pain

All is well here, busy. 40 days to liftoff. Fingers crossed. We just got back from a trip to Steamboat in June. Nice. We're definitely going back to ski it this winter.

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Welcome back! Your family flavor has been missed!
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