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My sister (air head blonde alert), got a job as the telephone/receptionist for a company that did rocket research.

Yuki .... thick German accent

"I need to speek wit Von Braun, ya, Werner Von Braun ... it is utmost urgent"

Sis .... "Sorry, we have no one named Von Braun"

Yuki .... "He is visiting vit your scientists and I must speek vit Herr Doctor it is urgent"

The real rocket scientists were howling as she went office to office trying to find "Herr Doctor Von Braun".

I could hear this in the background and was damned near close to pissing myself. When she came back on the line and I was choking and laughing .. didn't speak to me for weeks.
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In the recording studio biz, if you get a job as in intern for the first year they make you clean the toilets.

If you do a good job, the second year they give you a brush.
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I've just been had! :


Thanks, Ghost. This cross reference belongs here.

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Victim "I've come for the long stand"
"OK wait there"
after 15 mins
"right you can go now"
Victim "What about the long stand?"
"You just had it"


Sending someone to the hardware store for a large tin of "Elbow Grease".
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I need to speak to...........

At my last company our receptionists would use a tannoy to get employees to pick up the phone calls on a factory floor.

We used to ring up and get them to broadcast calls for "Terry Dactyl".

We also used to leave messages on peoples voicemail from Mr C Lions and ask them to call back and leave the number for the zoo.
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sexy ones too ..

In the early 80's I worked for a small aquatics consulting firm.

Had a message on my desk to call one of the 800 or 900 lines .... but they were new then and many businesses were using them.

I knew nothing about the "pay call lines" ..... for phone sex, but found a legit phone message note to call "Mary" at _____ ...

Caught me, so damned shocked and off guard when the girl launched into her routine.
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