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My lucky knee injury experience

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On Thursday Feb 16 I had a fall which twisted my knee. The pain was intense as soon as it happened but subsided while laying there. It was a slow fall that didn't make the bindings release but bad enough to do damage. I was skiing with two kids and another adult. I waited for the other adult to catch up to me so she could remove my skis. I didn't want to anything until then. I laid there for a bit then got up and put weight on my left leg. It felt OK so I put my skis on and went down (not much farther to base) on a blue run. My knee felt OK but I thought I better go to the infirmary and at least get some ice. Ice, oh no, I think I might have left it on too long because when I got up the pain was unbearable and I couldn't flex my leg much at all. On the way down back home I called my wife with tears rolling down, the pain was so intense, and she right away called a doctor to try to get me in. I couldn't get to see the doctor until Monday evening. The pain subsided during the weekend as long as I didn't try to bend the leg too far. There was not much swelling, my wife couldn't even tell but I could, so I thought that at least might be good news. When I got to the doc I was nervous about what she’d say. Here is what she said… “Doesn't look like you tore your ACL or anything else. All the components did their job. Probably the fact that you have strong legs is what saved your knee. You could go skiing with a brace, but don’t for at least two weeks b/c you are going to be putting the knee and the rest of your body in danger.” One major thing she did do was to put my tibia back in its place. It had twisted out a bit.

This past Saturday I got back to the mountain using a DonJoy brace. I was very nervous, my hands were sweating. I was nervous since it was my first time and with warm temperatures I knew the conditions wouldn't be the best for an easy stroll. I decided to ski between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm to hopefully give me the best conditions possible “not too icy and not too slushy”. My first run was very cautions. I didn't carve much, I just slid. As the day went on I started to get my confidence back and I was able to carve just fine but of course not too fast.

The moral of my story for me is… All the talk about getting those legs in shape is not hype. I made sure that my legs were in good shape before the season started. I'm going to work out even harder for next season. If I ever don't feel like working out, I will think those words the doc used “Probably the fact that you have strong legs is what saved your knee.” Of course I'm not saying that in different circumstances I wouldn't had done more damage, but… I'm glad it turned out the way it did.
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Good for you that you didn't get hurt worse!!

I DID tear my ACL on Feb 1st - BUT my legs are very strong due to my extensive weight training. I mentioned to my physical therapist how, with my leg strength, my ACL tore anyway & she said it had to do with the twisting motion.

So - not negating your theory - but it sure didn't help me... *sigh*
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Originally Posted by jenscats5
So - not negating your theory - but it sure didn't help me... *sigh*
I had read about your injury too. Sorry about that. I know how much of a bummer that is.

And yes as I mentioned, I know that in different situation my leg strength might not helped either. But in this case, I think my doc believes that if I hadn't had strong legs more damage might had happened.
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