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I want your opinions

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Hey everybody. I was just wondering what everybody's opinion of good skis were. Which brand do you guys think is the best? Reply back if and when u can.

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MY brand is best. Of course.

Good skis for what? For whom? For you?

How do you ski and want to, where do you ski, et cetera, et cetera. Long enough list of some info needed before you get feedback helpful to your cause.

Do you ski?

Maybe a hint of background...?

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Kate - other's opinions won't help.

Go to http://www.forskiers.com/gear/selector.asp. That seems to be one of the most comprehensive ski selectors on line.

But even that is nothing but a guideline. DEMO!!!!! Get a feel for what you like, and what length (keep in mind that if you like a pair of Dynastars in 155 cm, that doesn't necessarily mean that you will not like Rossignols in 165 cm, or Olins in 170) - and then buy them.
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In order to be of assistance, we'll have to know something about you. At the minimum, your weight, height, skill level, and preferred ski terrain. I look forward to being of help.
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Is this an opinion poll or are you trying to get brand information to help guide your purchase. If this is an opinion poll maybe it could be set up as a pole and let people vote. If you are looking for information to help guide you to a purchase I agree with the above posts, we need some information about you and how you ski.

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Damn it people, stop feeding the TROLLS!!!!!!!!!!
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dude, just go buy what is on sale. all skis are about the same when you really get down to it, the only difference is which ones you yourself liek the feel of, the next person might think the exact opposite of you.

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