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Can you separate the Piston plate from a Marker?

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Can the Piston Plate from a Marker 1300 Titanium EPS be removed and just the toe and heel pieces by mounted? Trying to get around buying new bindings.
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I am going on memory, since I sold my Piston bindings recently....

Theoretically, yes, but I think there will be a height mismatch unless you got a whole new riser plate. The heel piece screws directly on the ski through a piston-specific riser plate, which is height-matched (and mates up to) the front toe piece. The toe piece does not have a riser, but rather, slides into a guide track (the guide is what's screwed into the ski up front). That guide gives the vertical "rise" to the toe piece.

Theoretically, you could separate the toe piece from it's sliding mount to have a basic Marker toe piece, sans riser. If you could find proper riser plates front and rear, then you could probably screw the bindings directly to a ski, without the piston getup. But I am sure that would be a heck of a project finding all the parts and making it work. Oh, and you will need new screws too, since the screws that come with the piston mount are probably not the right length for a flat mount.

Why don't you just remount the bindings, piston and all? Or are you going to an application where you need a flat mount with no rise?
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Yes, but you'll need to get the Marker "Free" binding interfaces so that the heel and toe can be mounted. You may able to get these from a shop. The heel and toe from a Piston system are basically no different from any of those used throughout the Marker line.
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The bindings will go on a pair of Fischer RC4's with a Raceplate. The plate doesn't have predrilled holes and should accept any binding. I am concerned that with the Raceplate the additional height of the Piston assembly may be too tall. Do you think the Piston and the Raceplate would put me to far off the ski or should I just slap the whole assembly on there?
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I recommend using the same stand height limit as the FIS rules - 55mm (thats from the base of the ski to the base of your ski boot heel). I wouldn't use 50-55mm for anything but frontside groomer skis and race skis (skinny skis!). Anything all-mountain or wider I generally would never go above 45mm and most typical binding mounts for "systems" are around 35mm-45mm (my Marker Pistons are at 48mm on my Stockli XLs).

A Marker Piston heel is 33mm of stand height without the ski (or another plate). More than likely you wouldn't want to put this setup on another plate (that's why Marker makes a WC Piston Plate - to incorporate the Piston design directly into the race plate).
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Thanks. Thats some useful information.
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