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I tried the LT:11 today at Vail. Conditions were hard hardpack, my favorite .

Skier: 17 y.o. , racer, 190 lbs. Lvl 9 on hard snow, 8 elsewhere. Heavy preference toward icy/hard snow and race skis.

I had a blast on these skis. They were really easy to use, which was appreciated, given that today was my first day on snow of the year. The tip has a nice soft spot that lets you vary the radius to where you can basically make slalom turns if you bend them enough. They had good grip, but it was noticeably below that of a real GS ski, much less a stock GS. What I was most impressed by was the rebound. I was shot into the air a few times by the ski, a fun surprise that I did not expect out of a non-stock ski.

The ski is stable, although it does not have the hermetically-sealed edgehold feeling of a real race ski. When taken up to SG speeds, it is stable, and did not make me at all nervous. It has too much sidecut to make truly good turns at silly-high speeds though, IMO. One thing that it does not do well is run straight, more so than I expected out of a 17m ski. It is very forgiving, something which was appreciated on my first day of the season, in new boots.

I didn't test it in soft snow, since I was having too much fun on the groomed to really want to leave. I would imagine that it would be bearable, since it is soft enough to bend in most any conditions. (An effect which is greatly helped by the fact that I ski uncut Dobie 150s and weigh 190)

Overall, I would reccomend the ski as an all-around hardpack ride for people who don't want to deal with the lack of forgiveness and stiffness inherent to a real race ski. Although you can bend the 180 into slalom arcs with effort and angulation, the 175 would probably be easier to make slalom-size arcs with.

DISCLAIMER: Part of the superlatives heaped on the ski may be in large part due to the excellent job done by Greg Hoffman at GMOL fitting and aligning my new Dobies. I am 3 degrees out on my right leg, something which I did not know until Greg told me. The Dobies themselves probably skewed my impressions of the ski, as they would not be as easy to bend on a softer boot.