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Used skis and adjusting bindings

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I am thinking about buying used skis. How adjustable are most bindings to a different boot? I have been told within 1.5cm it should be fine without remounting the bindings, but still isn't the center being altered? I believe I have even read that you can notice even 1 cm difference in binding location. Any comments from the knowledgeable people out there?
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So, back to your subject. I doubt many people could tell a 1 cm difference in mounting unless it pointed out to them. Once told about the mounting being forward or aft & the characteristics of skis mounted that way they would be able to discern the differences even if we made up the what the differences were.

Many skis now days are coming with predrilled holes for the bindings that can result in your boot being slightly off center. In my opinion don't sweat that minor of difference.
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On many bindings the heel piece can be moved at least 1 cm, so if your boot sole length is close to the original owner's boot all you would have to do is slide the heel piece forward or back. Some skis (Volant for example) use the boot toe to locate the binding position rather than the center of the boot, and in these cases you would still be positioned according to factory specs if you move only the heel piece. Other skis use the center mark of the boot sole to determine binding mounting. I had a pair of 200 cm Kneissels which used the boot sole center mark where I remounted the heel piece forward about 1 1/2 cm when I bought new boots. I noticed no difference even though I was now forward of the factory specified position. I would think that the shorter the ski the more you might notice the difference. If your boot size is enough different that you need to redrill to move the bindings you could remount according to factory specs in either case.

Think Snow!
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I am looking forward to playing with binding position this year. I have a couple of pairs of Atomics that have the moveable bindings. I'm also putting demo bindings on a pair of skis, and I'm making sure to get bindings that the toe and heel adjust separately so I can move them fore and aft.

I've talked to Peter Keelty, the guy who runs techsupportforskiers.com and he says I should mount my bindings so the ball of the foot is over the midpoint of the running surface of the ski. This is frequently not where the manufacturer recommends mounting them, but Peter says it gives the best results on all the skis he's tried, and he's tried lots of skis!

I look forward to experimenting with this in the next few weeks!!!

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Unless you know what you are really doing, take it to a professional, its worth the dollars to have it done right!
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I just bought a pair of G4's with bindings today at a ski swap. I haven't tried to match my boot with the binding yet but if I can't adjust it will I be able to drill another set of holes in the ski? Doesn't that hurt the ski's integrity?


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I don't know about the others but I can definitely notice a difference when the binding is moved 1cm forward or back. A couple of my skis have demo bindings on them and sometimes I play with the positioning. Even my wife who is an intermediate skier can tell the difference when I adjust them by 1cm. On women's skis they usually recommend setting them 1cm forward of center, which is what I do on her skis. We have the same boot size so often swap back skis back and forth. Which. btw is a great way to demo when you're on the hill, you can do the same runs under the exact same conditions and really determine the difference between skis.

I usually just leave mine at center because it feels the most optimal all round for me. I guess it really depends upon the ski and the skier's anatomy as to what will works best. You do adjust to whatever your settings are and then you just plain don't worry about it anymore. I find its sometimes better not to fret about the little stuff and just ski and enjoy.

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