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Atomic doesn't lie

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Atomic's claim of their plate/binding system eliminating the flat spot of the ski is evidently true

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damn, that is some major bendage!
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...gee, and that's the amount of flex he gets with just air pushing on the ski. Imagine if it was on the snow.

Tom / PM

PS - Vibrations? What vibrations? [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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I read about those inverted camber skis. Aren't they designed for powder?
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As far as I can tell, all that flex while the ski is in the air is most likely the ski rebounding from the carve after a momentary loss of balance caused him to pick it up off the snow (IMHO). I was pretty surprised to see the amount that ski racer's skis rebound in the speed events, seems to me that their entire edge is rarely on the snow; makes me wonder how they control themselves...
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I remember watching the Kitzbuhel downhill on TV in a particularly icy low snow year. On the falling away traverse on the bottom half of the course their skis seemed to be bouncing off the snow so much that most of the time they were completely airborne. Scary viewing and must have been terrifying in reality.

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