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Atomic factory edge angles

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I want to get into tuning my own skis. I've read that you should know the factory edge angles in order to tune your edges.

Where do I get that information? I have a pair of Atomic Beta V's from a few years ago.
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deltat, given where you ski, I'd suggest trying a .5/3 bevel, even though the factory bevel might be different. The .5 may be too aggressive, though, depending on how you ski, so you may want to back it off to 1. The 3 is a very good option for hardpack and typical eastern conditions (and doesn't impact soft snow performance).
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Factory bevel is a 1/3. IMHO it works awesome.
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
Factory bevel is a 1/3. IMHO it works awesome.
Thanks Phil. I feel more comfortable sticking w/ the factory level. It works perfectly fine for me.

I'm a very agressive skier and while their might be something more appropriate for me, my skis seem fine and I don't think I need to change.
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