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I got my Marmot back

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March 4th we headed to Jasper AB to ski our home stomping grounds after a long period away since opening day.

The hill is well covered in all area's. high trafic braking area's and of course the off piste is the only real area to be wary of for rocks and base damage.

The groomers are well filled in and most small undulations are smoothed out for confident high speed bombing.

Groomers were full of edge and solid.

Eagles east was well filled in and only the occasional off piste "ROCK" popped up. about boot deep fresh from the past week and more soft under that for sure footing and fast tracks.

Charlies bowl was fantastic. great coverage again only the expected rocks to worry about. BI right and T bar ridge were sweet and deep. Mostly tracked up but lots of life left in it.

Knob was suprisingly well coverered. I think there has been a lack of really windy days leaving the snow in place. very little wind blown out area's.

Party slope and Knob hill had boot deep fresh and a very solid and deep base underneath. Lots of big fast deep turns made in here.

No excuses not to visit Marmot Basin now. I'm so happy I got my Marmot back.
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Marmot in 5 Days!!

As the title of my post suggests i shall be in Jasper, Alberta at Marmot Basin in 5 days! We arrive on Saturday for skiing on Sunday and 2 weeks thereon. I was just wondering what's going on with the weather and if anyone actually knows how much snow's on it's way and if it's snowing at the moment etc. Most sites give pretty conflicting reports. Thanks for your time and i hope to see you there.
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We are supposed to get some snow this week due to the storm that has been hitting PNW.

See here for somewhat reliable weather info. Between the Gov site and the Weather Network site it;s usually pretty close. Both sites don't really truly indicate the snow fall amounts at the hill but if it says a few in town it;s likely 10 cm at Marmot.

Buddy and I are on snow watch. If a storm of any significance comes in we are gone work or not.
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PNW & Skiing

Dare i ask where or what PNW is? :

Also can you give me any kind of insight into skiing, eating and drinking in Jasper? Both on and off the mountain?

Also any tips on where the best skiing can be found along with the powder?

Cheers man,

Ski Machine :
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LOL PNW = Pacific North West usually in referance to North western USA only. Canada refers in West or Central or East.

So a PNW storm tracking North west means Western Canada (British Columbia and Alberta) will likely see it depending on the jet streems and how the Rocky Mountains move and direct it.

Powder finds at Marmot Basin. Party Slope, Charlies Bowl, T bar Ridge. Suzies, Peak run, Upper Basin, Dupres Bowl, Knob Hill, Eagles East, Thunder Bowl Cornice. any of these if there is Powder to be had will either be Pow or Chopped pow. Within a few days it becomes packed powder or crud depending on weather.

Many many many other stashes but thats secret you will have to find on your own. Sorry

Weather should be good for your visit and the hill is in great shape.
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Jasper 11th March

So are you kicking about on the slopes yourself MarmotMb in the following couple of weeks? If you are maybe you could let me in on the secrets of the powder dumps. I'll no doubt find some myself and maybe it'll be me letting you in on some secrets.

Catch you soon buddy. Take it easy.

Ski Machine :
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It is possible for this weekend March 11 and 12, and almost for sure March 18, 19 as long as they get some snow fall between now and then.

But of course I watch the storms and go where the most snow has fallen usually. In Alberta we have a rule. Don't like the weather wait ten minutes and never trust a forcast.

If I am in the area I would be happy to tour guide. Dynastar 8800's this alone should be enough to know it's me as I haven't seen one other person with them yet this year. Silver Giro Helmet with a visor, Blue Oakley Wisdom Goggles or Oakley Juliets with a Gold Iridium lenses. Blue Rip Curl pants with White accents on knees and side pockets. Usually with a guy in a Black and Blue Columbia Jacket on a Pair of Soloman Crossmax 10's, blue wisdoms and black Giro Helmet.

Just Yell Epic, or ask if they are a Bear.
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Sounds Good..

Sounds good to me mate. Well i arrive Saturday night so i'll be skiing my first day on Sunday and then i'll still be there the following weekend. I'll be wearing a skull face mask or full balaclava and black shades or goggles. Also grey Iguana pants and a white coat. Bandit Elite Boots (orange n black) and whatever the hell the (Premier) skis are on hire in Jasper.

Really hyped up for it now! Only 2 days to go! 48 hours almost bang on until we fly from the UK! I hope we're getting (or at least going to get) a decent snowfall in the next few days so there's loads of powder to play in!

Hope to see you soon fella.


Ski Machine :
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If you are looking for high end rentals look in town first. Gravity Gear is a great shop but I think they onky do tele and x country. regardless there are alot of good ski shops in Jasper.

I am not sure of what they carry at the hill. If I get a chance today I will call there for you and check.

I would likely see you next weekend then as I ususally go up for Saturday and family time Sunday.
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Ski Hire

We've booked it as part of the holiday and you we each had the choice to upgrade to "Premier" skis so i did! I'm sure they'll be fine. Besides it's not really the skis, it's how you use them.

(Ok it's kind of 50-50 but i'm sure they'll be fine).

That's too kind of you. I think they're most like Head or Tyrolia.

Did you mean next Saturday as in the...18th of March?

ou'll spot me before i spot you cos i'll end up forgetting what you're wearing i'm useless. If you see a skeleton ski mask or full hooded plain black going at a fair whack then shout up! It'll be me. lol.

Speak soon mate,

Ski Machine
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Yup March 18th. I will watch for a Skeleton mask wearing skier. Have a great trip enjoy Marmot and Jasper and really try to ski Banff or Golden while you are here they are well worth the effort even at extra cost.

Marmot may be ho humm over two weeks.
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24 hours 50 minutes to go.......

I'll do what i can and depending on the distance between resorts i'll try somewhere else for a couple of days i should think.

Yeah make sure to look out for me. See you up the mountain mate.

Nearly there now......
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