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Patch for softshell

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There I was sking along, minding my own bussiness, having a great time, when out of no where I was attacked by a wretched pine tree. After a short struggle I was able to free myself. I came out of the ordeal unscathed however my faithful sofshell did not. The unscrupulous tree left half inch tear on the front shoulder. Are there any clothes surgeons out there that can offer sugestions to repair my faithful friend?
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If it's a newer jacket from a reputable company (North Face, Mtn H-ware, etc...) you might want to send it in to them and have them repair it under their warranty program. They usually come back better than new.
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I just hate those trees that jump out at you. Happened to me a few years ago. I must have gotten a brain injury becuse right after that I had this strang urge to buy a helmet. Check with your local ski shop some have contact info for someone that does alterations of ski clothing. I have short legs. I have had to have some ski pants shortened. Get one of those cool Alta patches to cover up the hole.
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