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Instructor at Solitude!

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Can someone recommend an instructor for this senior citizen at Solitude?

I'm a 3-4 level and don't want to experiment with just whoever they give me.

Gender is not important, but good, no nonsense communication is!


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When Epic was there we found the instructers very good people...down to earth and all about enjoying the sport. Ask to talk to the lead instructer, I don't recall her name but she is great. She will know who to hook you up with.
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The wife and I use Steven Fernow every year. The wife is about the same level as you, and we think he is the greatest - maybe because he is a retired school teacher he has the "Gift" of getting the desired idea and skills through to a sometimes knucklehead mind. Since we only get up to Solitude once a year, we call the ski school months in advance and book our lessons with him just to make sure we can get him. Everybody we have referred to him came out of the lesson with a positive opinion. Tell him Christine "Skunk Lady" sent you.
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If Steven doesn't work out for you I have a friend who works there and I'm sure he can recommend one of the best. PM me if you need me to do a little leg work. No problem at all.
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Thanks Baha ..... will do!

powstash, much appreciated. I'll let you know!
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