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Is He Serious?

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Too full of himself to take another mouthful, Heluva. Can't choke because he doesn't know the meaning of the word vanity.
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My Gawd. I hope he is double jointed so he can pat himself on the back. The hate is rearing its ugly head.
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I think it is truly amazing that someone is fortunate enough to have at one time or another coached 4 different olympic medalists, even if their coaching was 14 years ago, and may or may not have had nothing at all to do with their performance. How many people has he coached anyway?

On the other hand it is rather sad that after coaching someone skiing they decided to give up on skiing and switched to boarding.
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double wow ...

Was that ryan with that comment? Brilliant.
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Originally Posted by Ghost
On the other hand it is rather sad that after coaching someone skiing they decided to give up on skiing and switched to boarding.
LOL, like having your wife/girlfriend leave you for another woman?:
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All of life is "business", there is no simple pure system.

It's all "self promotion" .... via innuendo or the shills ..

I have come to expect nothing else.

But ...... it's so much fun when the sunlight hits the mushrooms and other fungi.

PSIA ... HH ... all of the systems are "bankrupt" in one form or another.

PSIA should be ......... PSIA/SAM and get a .... never mind don't get me started on that crap.
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Agree Greg that is pretty nasty stuff....been a lot of fighting with fox on the pmts forum too, who really just came in asking a few questions.

If it is a marketing strategy I don't get it.....I would think HH would do a lot better without the negativity....guess he's got his reasons. Why he would pick on Weems to attack is particularly confusing.....

Thank goodness for epicski
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Color Glossy Brochure ??

"brings my Olympic medals count as a coach to four" ...

Ok ... so HH flunked math & logic.

"but not for long" .... Does HH have some plan of attack???

I, personally am on the edge of my seat and might lose sleep over this one!
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Originally Posted by Ghost
On the other hand it is rather sad that after coaching someone skiing they decided to give up on skiing and switched to boarding.
Not sad when it looks like this:

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I've got no dog in this fight but HH comes off pretty bad, and the more he says, the worse he looks.
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is he serious in that gnome suit. the little fella looks like a disney character. all he needs is little pointy ears.
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Originally Posted by ts01
I've got no dog in this fight but HH comes off pretty bad, and the more he says, the worse he looks.
A couple of Xmases ago my Father In Law got me Harb's Anyone Can Be An Expert Skier as well as books by LeMaster, and Foster-Post.

He is not a skier, but read them on the plane ride. His one comment was," I have no idea if this Harb guy is right or not, but I would not buy a used car from the gentleman."

Too bad the dialog has come to the level it is.
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I pay for my coaches license and make contributions to USSA, so can I take credit for the success Ted and Julia at the Olympics?

With his verified credentials, I don't understand why Harald feels the need to pad his resume with fluff.
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Originally Posted by ts01
I've got no dog in this fight but HH comes off pretty bad, and the more he says, the worse he looks.
Here here...especially on his own forum. It's like the old saying...it is one thing to be thought a fool, it is another to open your mouth ( or to post) and remove all doubt.
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To clarify my position, I just recommended the first PMTS book/DVD to a new skier who seemed like he had the right mindset and goals for that route of instruction- determined, athletic, do-it-yourself type, who wants a regimented program to help him ski faster in a race course. I explained that there are certain parts of it I found dogmatic/rigid and others I did not agree with, but there was far more good than bad in the system.

Harald is a better teacher than he is a salesman.
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I once told Anja Pärsons godmother how canting of the skiboots works.. Wow! Gold!
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I'm so glad he feels he should take credit for Tyler Hamilton's cycling career!:

Better put, would be to say that he's proud to have met and skied with 4 Oly medalists, but that's not his style. And yes, he looks like a troll in that suit (a troll with an A-frame, wide stance and inside ski pressure!)
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there seems to be no end

As a waterskier I ran across this last summer. Very surprized there was not more discussion about this. This guy is a poser to the tenth degree. You guys and girlz on the snow side are very forgiving, those on the water side make you guys...and girls.... look like babes. Check out the similarity of this thread


...funny poop....and he still has some amount of respect? Please be sure to read the full thread and see the views posted on skifly.com. It is quite humorous to hear this guy talking about line and angles like he was the second coming of god. Anyone on the water side with knowledge knew his BS from the start....and for those who do have some knowledge....world record runs...you know what it looks like from the boat.....perpendicular from the boat...no special equipment needed.....and he is taking sketches and data to revolutionize the sport? the angles, the basic geometry. That is very scary for you folks and he is canting your skis? I am very surprised he still gets the respect his does....but so does Schnitz. In the end, they are passionate, they love the sport, but are posers who feel they must associate them with others to give validation, there is no shame, instead of letting there own accomplishments speak for themselvles.
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speaks volumes
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I gotta say this

I debated with myself for quite awhile before posting this, but I feel I have to say this ...

I've been enjoying this forum very much and enjoying people's opinions. Sometimes I agree and sometimes I don't, but it all gets me thinking about some of my preconceptions about ski technique - it's all good!

BUT every once in awhile, someone has to bring up PMTS and rip into Harb - and it's usually Helluvaskier, not sure why or what the beef he has with Harb, but it really doesn' matter.

If Harb/PMTS is irrelevant as many say, then why continue to talk about him? Why stir up trouble? Let him be and if he is irrelevant then he will dissappear. (I've browsed the PMTS forum as well, and they once in awhile do the same thing) It reminds of two kids, "My dad can beat up your dad...."

I've gotten interested in PMTS, not as an alternative, but simply to broaden my knowledge and understanding of skiing (CSIA level III and course conductor for 14 years). Some PMTS ideas I agree with, and some I don't but talking and thinking about it helps me to determine what helps and hurts our skiing, and what I might try in my own skiing or lessons - this is what learning is all about.

I'm sorry if I offended anyone in this post, that was not the intent, but it's a shame that such a good forum gets dragged into this type of useless fighting.

thanks and keep on skiing!
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You've made some valid points, but don't expect this flame war to die anytime soon.

Harald set himself apart from PSIA by taking pot shots (some deserved, some not) at many very dedicated individuals within the ski industry, and his marketing style has been more "they're doing this wrong" instead of "we're doing this right" ever since. It didn't take long for the lines to be drawn fairly distinctly between the "cult" and the "mob" (anyone remember where those tags came from?).

PMTS is an excellent way for some people to learn how to ski. Some, not all. Contrary to some beliefs, the biggest obstacle to its wider use isn't PSIA's dogmatic approach to ski instruction (that always makes me giggle), but Harb's own approach to presenting and marketing it.

A good instructor is a good instructor. Build their skillset, put a smile on their face, and keep them coming back to the hill for years. That's the job. The way you get there should be dictated by the student's capabilities and desires. I have my share of PSIA horror stories, and I've seen my share of nightmares on the PMTS side. They were the result of instructor incompetence and/or student incomprehension, not the pre-ordained result of the adherence to a particular system.
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So should I have put it in the humor section?
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Candude, this topic comes up about 3 to 4 times a year, no one person is consistently the theme starter. Heluvaskier got hammered on the realskiers board---so he is just the most recent.

Quite often, (like more than half the time---historically) it is a PMTS devotee that starts fanning the flames.
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Candude, I agree with you and I think actually a lot of these folks do too. I guess its a fierce religious battle that will unfortunately never die. Yes HH does feed a lot of fuel to the fire, but so do plenty of people here on Epic...and I dont' expect it to change on either side. I happen to know that Canadian racing folks like Jacque Milan try to tell the CSIA top dudes to change their technique every year and they end up in a pissing contest as well.

Its totally and completely un-productive to get into the religious battles that seem to ensue about this. A lot of guys on Epic would learn a lot if they at least opened up to seeing more about PMTS and just try to ignore the bragging that HH does and learn what they can. In all cases its about egos getting in the way, on both sides. Pure and simple.

I don't accept everything about the PMTS progression at face value either, but frankly I have made some recent breakthroughs in my own skiing that came about from watching the PMTS video and just thinking about turn transition a different way.

I also emphathize with HH's feelings a little bit because when I went through the CSIA ringer a few years ago, I came out the other end depressed, unhappy about my skiing, feeling bad about the fraternity aspect of that organization, etc..and then spent the next 2 years trying to force myself to master the things they said were correct, only to finally realize later they were flat out wrong about some key factors which I am finally eliminating again(and better for it). So my experience with that organization has been on a much smaller scale, similar to HH's feelings about PSIA. The main problem is that if you raise your hand to say "yea, but what about this?", you are shot down, cut down, cut off and ridiculed into the dust for daring to question their model. HH tried to help them pick up the slack at a much higher level and over the course of years. I believe he was even on their D Team for a while. But the various egos (including his own) got in the way of any productivity, eventually causing him to start his own religion so to speak. He's definitely never going to win any elections with his blunt truth style, but in my mind, he was on to some really great ideas and its very unfortunate that it had to split like that and create two seperate factions....but se la vie..that's where we are.

Its not all HH's fault and not all PSIA's fault either..its just the nature of the beast when dealing with guys like us that have humongous egos and are used to hearing all day long what great skiers they are, etc..

That's my two cents.

Regarding Helluva, I didn't watch that whole thread a few weeks ago, so I'm not even going to guess who was doing what or who was at fault or what happened there, but don't you think its time to just let it go and have some more productive conversations?
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I like to play with my prey before I kill it...
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For the record I am not part of the PSIA/PMTS battle. I despise them both equally. I just think HH is an idiot (despite his skiing/teaching/misleading talent). He has accomplished a lot in his career, and still feels the need to pad his resume with BS. Clearly there is something in the back of the man's head saying "you're not adequate," since he feels the need to justify himself through threads like the one I linked. I do think that PMTS is great (for the most part), and that PSIA could learn a few things from it... but I don't want to fight that battle - it's not my battle to fight.
This defintiely belonged in the humor section...
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Well I can't agree with your statement that he is an idiot. Quite the contrary, he knows what he's talking about.
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I didn't say that he didn't know what he is talking about regarding PMTS - I said HE is an idiot. I have met a lot of intelligent @ssholes...
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