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When To Tune?

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I'm going to a shop outside Boston to buy a pair of Nordica Beast Boots tomorrow and obviously will be bringing the skis along to have the boots mounted. This shop Summit Ski in Framingham has a tuning center called PTC run by a guy named Mike De Santis who I guess is pretty well regarded. So here's the question, my metrons are a year old, skiied in the NE and a bit in Colorado. Is it worth leaving the skis until next weekend and having this guy restore the actual factory specs for the skis while I'm there buying the boots?
And if not now, when is the right time to do this?
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Do my skis need to be tuned? When did you last tune them or have them tuned.

I am just guessing, but your question seems to imply that your skis have not been tuned since you gottem. : If that is indeed the case, then absolutely leave them at the shop for a full tuning.

Skis require regular maintenance in order to perform as designed. Skiing on eastern hard-pack takes its toll on your edges. After a few days, they simply are not sharp enough to bite into the ice and hard-pack as intended.

I am not quite as keen on ski maintenance as many on this forum, but I make sure they have a fresh coat of wax most days I ski. I lightly touch up by edges with a diamond stone every other day out and will do file work on the side and base edges 2 to 3 times a season, being roughly every 8-10 days of skiing.

I usually get a full shop tune at the start of the season and just before my major ski trip in late March each year (Sugarloaf in tow weeks, can't wait)
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Aside from a random waxing they have never been tuned. This shop seems to have a real reputation as someone to entrust your skis to -- so hence the question. I found this reference to him in the group:

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Yep. Get them tuned up proper. I would ask for a race tune.
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You are due .... have them check the bases with a true bar and hand tune the edges.

Gotta start waxing ... saves on the bases.
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Agree with everyone. Make certain they bevel base 1' and side edge 3'

All Metrons have these specs.
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Mike's a straight shooter. He'll take a true bar to your skis and tell you if they need a tune or not (last year, when my skis were new-ish, they needed a base grind, but this year just a sharpening). If you can, call ahead to make sure he'll be there when you go so he can check them for you then.
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