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Please comment: Volkl Superspeed vs. 6-star

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OK, anybody who has skied on both, can you comment how the Superspeed compares to the 6-star? I have demo'ed 6-stars but will not get a chance to demo the Superspeeds before I buy one or the other in the next couple of weeks. I know I can live with the 6-star but am intrigued by the Superspeed. It actually looks like it might be more versatile and forgiving (based on the wider waist) than the 6-star, which can only be good. If the superspeed were less forgiving and stiffer than the 6-star, I would probably not like it.

Let me know what you think. I'm probably going to get a 182cm either way (height 6'1" weight 236 lb).

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6* for medium to short turns, Superspeed for medium to long turns. I thought the superspeed was very versatile and forgiving at 168cm (I am 170 lbs). Two others posted it was very demanding at 175cm but they were your size. Conflicting opinions. My demo was very brief. The 6* uses spring steel and is springy like a slalom ski. The speed has 2 layers of alu/ti which makes it more damp and stable like a rec gs type of ski. I was looking for a more stable ski I could let run a bit to compliment my SLs - the speed fit this more. If you want to be carving more sharp turns, the 6* would be better.
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Anyone else?? This post season ski money is burning a hole in my pocket (and will be burning a hole in my wife's pocket if I don't spend it soon!).

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I wouldn't rule out skiing the Superspeed 7cm shorter at 175cm. I'm not suggesting you won't ski well on the 182cm, But the 175cm may provide even more turn diversity as a result of being a little more manuverable than the longer length.
I've been slow to accept it but in most cases a little shorter is better.
Maybe if you are skiing a longer hill at warp speeds the longer length is better, but for most of the terrain we ski in our area the shorter length will be a better choice in IMHO.
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Apparently the Superspeed will actually come in a 189cm length, which is probably the size for tall and heavy people like me. However, I think 182cm would be more manageable and give me a more versatile turn radius.

I think 182cm or 175cm would be fine in a 6-star (skied both sizes and they were great).

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The longest I've seen the 6* here is in 168, and the Superspeed I've seen recently in shops are max 175, but then, on average, we're shorter& lighter o'er here than across the pond...
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Superspeed will come in at 189 in it's longest length. I ski a 168 6 * but like the 175 in the Superspeed. Both have similar construction, but, true to it's name, the Superspeed likes..well...speed! It's built for longer radius turns than the six but is still pretty versatile (in my opinion).
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I was at a store in South Bend today where they sell Volkl. Remembering your post here, I posed your question to them. They don't see this ski as a replacement or even an alternative to the 6 star but as a "big mountain" ski where you don't want to turn as tight and can let the skis run more.

With that analysis, on the public slopes, I'll stick with the 6 stars. Not what your looking for (I haven't skied the superspeeds), but this dealer normally is on top of things with their advice.
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John, thanks, I appreciate you asking at the shop!

I'm still not sure which way to go. The Superspeed actually has a tighter turn radius than my other skis (K2 Axis X) so I'd probably be OK with the general charactertistics of the ski. I'm more concerned with the stiffness and forgiveness of the ski. Given the mission, the Superspeed would have to be stiffer than the 6-star, but the longer turn radius and little extra width would actually make it more forgiving to ski than the 6-star by my thinking.

I loved the 6-star, but it is definitely the kind of ski that can launch you if you're not careful!

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I demod both a few weeks back (see my topic under consumer gear reviews). Unfortunately, the largest skis they had available was 175. Would've loved to try them at 182, but that was not an option.

Having said that, I found the 175's very user-friendly for someone our size (I'm around 230 & 6' 3"). The superspeed is a medium to long radius turn ski, and is supposed to be stiffer than the 6*. I didn't notice an appreciable difference in stiffeness, but the 6* definitely is more suited to short & medium-radius turns. I got "tossed" by the superspeed when I wasn't being attentive, but that's because I was trying to force it into shorter turns.

It all depends on what you're looking for. Although I didn't care for the goofy tip, I'd love to have the superspeed for high speed ripping, and the 6* as a more verstatile short, hardpack ski. For me, I went with a completely different ski (the 5*) to fill the void in my inventory.

Demo if you can. You'll be glad you did.
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In very simplistic terms, I would ask you if you are more interested in a slalom type ski or a giant slalom type ski.

I think they're both easy to ski; but, do you want a quick, snappy ski? If yes, then buy the 6 Star. If you want a go-fast cruising ski, then by the Superspeed.

I'm buying a 175 Superspeed [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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