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Park City Trip Report 2/25 - 3/4

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Utah Ski Trip Feb 25th to March 4th

Well it took a strange turn three days before our scheduled departure; my wife had a serious bicycle accident caused by a truck cutting her As it was, she went down at over 20 mph on the shoulder, in the gravel. Fortunately she was not seriously hurt; she has a shoulder separation and a bad shiner on her right eye. Of course it goes without saying multiple bruises and a colorful array of cuts and road rash.

She is tough though and she decided to come with me to Park City. Our drive to Orlando for the flight went smooth and we are on our way to Phoenix to catch a connecting flight to Salt Lake.

Saturday Feb 25th
Arrived in Salt Lake….. that is the two of us and all our luggage except for my ski’s. L. Did well on the rental car…..got upgraded to a Mazda 5 which is kind of like a small minivan. Bottom line is the skis can fit in it with no problem. The Radisson is nice. Just after getting to our room they came by with complementary hot chocolate and warm cookies. (Nice Touch). Got a call that Southwest found my ski’s and they should be here tonight. J -- I will feel better when I touch them.

Tomorrow I am planning on skiing Deer Valley.

Sunday Feb 26, 2006-- Deer Valley

The snow was very nice – the reputation for good grooming was spot on. I did several runs including to the top of Bald Mt (9,400ft) – Nice trails there Nabob and Solid Muldoon prior to hooking up with the Mountain Tour. I did the intermediate one primarily because I am not very good with bumps and most of the blacks were bumped up. The tour was good once they divided the group into advanced blue skiers and slow blue skiers. It was complementary and gave you a good feel for how to navigate the lift system.

My wife is doing better and met me for lunch at the Snow Park Lodge. Good food and good service with moderate prices.

After lunch I went to Little Baldy (7950ft) I liked the trail Mountaineer… it had a nice pitch and the snow was perfect. From there I worked my way over to Empire Canyon (9570ft). Hit some nice blues Orion, Supreme, Solace. Over all a good day of skiing J .

We had dinner at the Loco Lizard Cantina. Good food and service. Decent prices and plenty to eat.

Tomorrow off to Park City Mountain Resort.

Monday Feb 27th

PMCR was very very nice; I liked it better than Deer Valley both for skiing terrain and scenery. I skied from 9pm -4 pm. The terrain suited me well, I figured out that by Utah standards I like double blues and groomed black runs. I did cover the mountain from Thanes Lift on the right side looking up all the way over to McConkey’s on left and all points in between.

Met Gus from Flagstaff and skied with him form 10:30 to closing time

All in all Great snow and great trails great day

Tuesday Feb 28th
RAIN ....took my rest day today ....drove to see Little Cottonwood and Big Cottonwood Canyons and the 4 ski areas there

March 1, 2006 The Canyons

Well they had 3” of fresh down low and easily over the boot many places up high. Even as a first timer there I was able to be in untracked stuff till about 11:20 ( I headed up the Gondola when it opened at 8:30am. Skied till just before 4pm.

It is a LONG walk from bus stop to gondola …..not that I had trouble with that just that is a POOR design. The lifts are a bit confusing to a first timer there. That said I had a very good day there. Covered the whole mountain except for the double blacks (they are above my ability)

Had dinner tonight at Park City Pizza Co. in Kimball Jct. – Near the Wendy’s. Had Calzone and an anti-pasta salad. Yummy Food and plenty of it to split between my wife & I. Prices good too. J

Tomorrow I am driving to Snowbasin.

March 2nd Snowbasin

The drive to Snowbasin was just over an hour (taking our time)
WOW!!!! What a nice lodge. Skied the area to the skiers right (Strawberry ) in the AM then the middle and John Paul in the afternoon. The Snow was great and the myriad of ways down for a strong intermediate were amazing. This place is laid out nice and the off piste stuff was delightful for my ability.

Friday March 3, 2004

Skied PMCR again and once again very pleased. The blown in snow in McConkey’s was very soft and although it was windy had a great day.

Saturday March 4th
…..Flight Home ----all went well but Southwest is no 0 -2 on losing my skis. They need to improve on this one it is frustrating.

I will return to Utah……very nice place to ski and I only scratched the surface.
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Thanks for the report.
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Nice report, thanks. So, do you have your skis back yet? I think air-travel is the only downside to skiing in distant locations. Sometimes I am tempted to make a 2000mile (one way) drive rather than hassle with the airlines....
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Other than once on United Express (they lost my skis, I nearly lost my sanity but that's another story...), I've never had a problem flying with my ski stuff.

Mikebike, glad you had a good time and checked out Snowbasin. Sure hope your wife is on the mend and wish you both good health and good turns too!
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As of Sunday night they have NO clue on the whereabouts of my ski's
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Originally Posted by mikebike
As of Sunday night they have NO clue on the whereabouts of my ski's
That sucks - did you take out trip insurance? or book on an AMEX?
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isnt shipping your skis a lot cheaper, than the airlines losing your $$ skis?
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yes I did use AMEX to book ....and Southwest will allow up to $2,800 for lost bags.

I am still hoping they turn up

and yes it would be cheaper to ship rather than have them lost.... just like it would be better to crash a rental car than the inconvienence of crashing your own vehicle....but you do not expect that to happen.

I fly alot and this is the first lost luggage in many years....the first two ski trips I took this year (2006) went without a hitch...no lost skis or bags
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$2,800 will do just nicely , to replace the skis, the boots, the clothing. I do hope they get returned.
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The next time you take the bus to The Canyons, get off on the second to last stop in the resort, it takes a short loop to the right and dumps you directly under the Cabriolet, then you have a short walk up the stairs.
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I will remember that about the bus stop.....Thanks....I would rather use my legs to ski than walk:

they found my skis in Albany NY.....go figure.... I always put some ID in the bag as well ..... and they called my office when they found the bag in Albany....

long story short .... should have it deliverd to the house by tonight
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Congrats on the return of your skis (whew). I've always had lost gear show up eventually (knock on wood)-- even delivered to a village in France once, a two-hour drive from the airport in Nice...!

Thanks for the great report; glad you had fun-- I'm headed that way myself in a couple of weeks.
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Last time we flew, our bags missed a connection on the way home. US Air delivered them to our house the next day. Before we got home from work, the Disabled American Veterans came by on a donation route and took our suitcases. Yep, it's true. Apparently anything on your porch that looks like a donation (such as two ratty suitcases packed with crap) is fair game. US Air puts stuff in red plastic bags, and DAV hands out red plastic bags for pickups.

I came home and there was nothing but a tag on the door knob that said "thanks for the donation". Luckily, I was able to track the suitcases down the next morning before they tore into them. That would been one heck of a donation -- dirty undies, assorted clothes and personal items, library books, etc... I am still pissed about that whole episode! I was going to write nasty letters to US Air and DAV, but could not stop shaking my head long enough to focus....

I had picked up some antique skis on that trip, which are now hanging in my living room. We debated checking them as luggage, but ended up shipping them UPS instead. In retrospect, I should have shipped the damn suitcases too! I friggin hate air travel.
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Airlines won't let you bring your bags on board, therefore, they have a duty of care for them. It's not good enough to say "oh well insurance will pay". It's not a big deal for them to get your bags onto the same flight as you are. Great to say "they'll get them to me sometime" for domestic travellers, but what if you are going outside the US borders? Yes, I have had lost baggage but only in the US.
It's just not good enough.
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