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Allstar advice needed

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Seems that this thread has quieted down quite a bit. I will try my best to keep it going. I am 5'8'', level 7 skier and am 160lbs...give or take a few pounds. I have been reading A LOT about the allstars and am quite confident that this ski will at least be in my top three list of skis to demo next year. I currently ski a pair of Volkl Carver V2's at 162cm. They are great skis but i find that they are not as stable at speed.(prob due to the fact that they are carver skis and want to turn) Anyway, I ski ONLY Northeast conditions, which mostly means hardpack, ice, crud, powder???, and everything in between. I am very encouraged that this ski has been labeled as "the ski for northeast conditions". I love to carve but, I want a ski that will be more versatile than just a pure carver. As the skimagazine website put it best, I want "A comfortable ride that doesn't talk back-but won't wimp out when you give it the spurs." This describes me perfectly. And another thing...I will be waiting until next year to get a new pair of skis. Any advice about the 07 allstars would be very helpful. You think the allstars will fit the bill? And at what length?
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If the '07 All Stars will be markedly different, then I can't comment. However, I relish this opportunity to tell you about a true powder day at Smugglers' Notch, Vermont. I started out skiing with the new 05/06 Volkl All Stars (70 mm under foot) in 161 (I'm 5'8" and 155 pounds). They were awesome. Then I switched to my Head iM Monster 77 Chips in 170 (77 mm under foot). Then I switch back, again, to the Allstars. The verdict:

Both are terrific. If I only had the All Stars, I'd be in great shape. An ice biter that handles boot deep powder. FUN! In fact, I think that the All Stars actually were MORE fun!
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Thanks for the info...anyone have any experience with the new allstars(06/07)? I have heard that they have another sheet of metal. Are they any different than this years? Stiffer?
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