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Fischer WC SC - First Impression

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150# lvl 8+/9- like to ski just about everything

Fischer WC SC 160cm (also says RC4 - too many initials for me!)

I bought these skis (2004/5 model) as a supplement to my Atomic Metron M:11's 162cm. I find the Metrons to be a spectacular do anything ski. Excellent at many things and at least capable in just about everything. As I'm an EC skier (plus one week-long trip out West per year), I wanted something that would really rail on the hardpack. The Metrons can do this, but I wanted to take it up a level.

From what I've seen so far, these skis really do take the carving bit up a notch. It was more of a Metron day than a pseudo race ski day - 3 inches of fresh on top of a groomed surface that turned to cutup and then some small mounds of crud. Moguls on several trails unrelated to the new snow.

My first impression was that these skis were small - very small. They're only 2mm shorter than my Metrons but they felt far less substantial. That's until I started putting them through some turns. These things really love to carve and carve hard. They felt stiffer, quicker and more stable than the Metrons. Well, at least until I started hitting the crud piles at high edge angles. As most readers would imagine, these are much more of a groomer ski. That being said, they proved capable in the modest crud when I wasn't trying to rail them over. Also surprisingly capable in the bumps. I wouldn't try to bang these things through big, steep & tight irregular moguls but they proved adequate on the medium moguls I was taking them through (at Belleayre, NY for those who know).

Overall, a great ski for primarily groomed skiers that like to hit the bumps and some moderate fresh every once in a while. Metron or equivalant is the way to go for the ultimate one quiver ski for those that like to do everything.

For those who know, how much difference is there between these and the RX8's? The dimensions are almost identical.
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goldsbar, the RX8 is a bit less punishing and demanding of energy input than is the WC SC, but very similar in feel and results.

Nice review! Thanks!
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I weigh 165 lbs and own the WC SC in 165cm and demonstrated the RX8 in 170 cm for a day quite some time ago.

The WC SC is beefier, and feels much more substantial. It doesn't really come into its own until you put the hammer down. If your local hill is 350 vertical feet the RX8 is the better choice. Once up to speed, the WC SC is able to deliver impressive forces. It also feels heavier and performs much better when going over refrozen slush and other nasty icy stuff. Not only can it deliver more grip, it is more reassuring and easier to ski when you push it beyond its grip under these conditions. It doesn't seem to get knocked off its game by frozen chicken heads, death cookies etcetera. Though it will make a racket, it still performs.

The RX8 is a lighter ski, both in feel and in flex. It is preferable in softer snow, or in terrain where you might not want to go over 25 mph. I think the WC has the edge in the ability to go fast, but the RX8 is no slouch. The RX8 will feel fine going up to about 50, but will also feel good going 3 mph. The SC requires a bit of force to bend into a tight turn, and at my weight that means a bit of speed, and something to push against. If you already have the confidence to rip through bumps it's good to go. If you want to explore big moguls at saner speeds the RX8 is the ticket. It is much better than the SC in soft snow and at slow speeds. The RX8 seemed to be a little less squirrelly running flat (not enough to make you want to do that though), but that could just be because it was a little longer.

EDIT: Oh, and as far as being unforgiving or an expert only ski, I found both to be quite easy-going. They don't do much until you get them up on edge; it must be that 1 degree base bevel. Compared to my SG race skis they are extremely easy to ski on. You could read the paper while skiing these down a blue.
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Yes, these are like a stouter, higher-octane RX-8. I was really glad to read the comments here from Ghost since I was wondering how they compared on the snow.
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