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Almost Spring

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Its almost Sping. Time to upgrade your wardrobe and buy some sandals.

http://www.sandalandsoxer.co.uk/home.htm :

I am glade that website is from the UK. I have never seen that stuff in America.

I am sure this thread will die real quick.
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PUH_LEEZe no socks with sandals........and get a pedicure....
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Almost spring
Dont think so ! Just to name one, Heavenly had 74" in the past week. Winter isnt over yet. It aint going to look like spring in CO, UT and tahoe mountains for a long time.

"Nothing is over until we decide it is ! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor ?"
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I was up in summit county, yesterday. It's definitely springy up there. At 8am in Breck, there really wasn't any need for a jacket. The snow on the side of the roads were was melting at 10am. Went over to Keystone, the snow at the top of Dercum Mountain was pure slush. I was skiing in the lightest base layer I own and a soft shell and was plenty toasty.

Colorado has been very dry and warm for a few weeks, we could really use some snow.

BTW - at Keystone why is it so hard for people to read the huge signs/gates at the bottom of the hill that say "stop and remove skis/board here". I'd guess that over half the people ski right past them and up to the gondola. Also, props to the Keystone ski patrol for actively putting patrollers out on Mozart and the crowded run out to the Santiago/Riuby lifts.
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