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Question on my boots.

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If anyone can help me. On my Dolomite CYB-X boot it has something called an Ergo-cant and another switch which says "OFF" and then a slidey thing and on the other side of the slidy thing it has active. Thanx. :
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Hey RacerX: The ergo-cant adjustment has 3 settings designed to adjust to the kind of stance you have. Try to picture this. Bow-legged people in ski boots have trouble getting the sole of the boot flat on the floor, think ski on snow. The ergo-cant set at 1 is for the least 'bow-legged' folks. Real cowboys need the setting at 3. To test what you may need, set the ergo-cant at 1 and put both boots on and stand in a normal stance, and have someone take a look see if the boot sole/plate is flat on the floor, and sense for yourself how it feels. Do you feel like your are straining in the knees, lower legs to make the boots flat. Change the setting to 3 and try this again. How does it feel and is the boot easier to get flat on the floor or harder? It is best to adjust the cant while the boot is on, you should feel the difference immediately.
The active on and off. Since you ski on the CYB-X boot you must be fairly decent skiier so you should have active on. This will allow best performance from the boot particularly on great turning side cut skis, on different terrain, different snow... Michigan crud, Sunshine powder. The active allows for the different 'foward leaning/positioning techniques good skiers use to keep dry and out of the trees. Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the tips on the Dolomite CYB-X boots. Now does the active on or off just depend on how tight you tighten the 3rd buckle? It seems to slide with that 3rd buckle.

Also, what does the soft/lock rotating cam do on the cuffs? Does it make the back of the boot lock to the sides or let it float? Is that to make a stiffer or softer feel to the boot?

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maybe go to the store where you bought them and get a tutorial...
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