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Tahoe in mid April

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Does anyone know which of the Tahoe resorts will still be open for skiing in the week beginning 17 April? Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows (I assume) but any others likely?

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Try Mammoth, It's 100 miles South.
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All Tahoe area resorts will be open in mid April.

North Shore and South Shore.
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Expect Mammoth, then Kirkwood to have best conditions due to altitude. Next would be Mt. Rose and Heavenly's upper tier. If you're coming all the way from Scotland I would recommend renting a car and spending half the week at Mammoth and half at South Shore. A midweek daytrip around the lake shouldn't be too bad at that time of year, if you want to check out one of the North Shore areas.
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Splitting the time between Mammoth and the Lake is exactly what I had in mind. I know Mammoth will largely be open then (we have been before), I just wasnt sure what was the position round the Lake. We plan to arrive at either SFO or LAX, hire a vehicle and do a one way trip to the other taking in Tahoe and Mammoth en route.

How much if at all will weekends be an issue with crowds then. It is after Easter so I imagine weekdays will be quiet.

Also does anybody know if they plan to close down any of Mammoth round that time and if so what does close down mean ie do they shut the smaller lodges-such as Eagle- but keep the lifts there running or do they shut both
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April 23 is the closing day for Canyon and Eagle lodges. In recent years the lifts over there close when the lodges close. The farthest east lifts that may stay open later (usually weekends only) are 4 and 5.
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Heavenly's web site says they will close 4/23, but given current conditions maybe they will extend. Squaw currently says 5/29th. It's all subject to change, of course.
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