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I've been at Cannon when I've practically been blown backwards up the chairlift unloading ramp from wind gusts. It was windy enough on Saturday that you really didn't have to walk across the summit lodge deck -- just stand up tall and the wind would push you across. It was hard work to get to the door (i.e., into the wind). I've been in their tram a couple times when it's been slammed into its guide rails pretty hard. I don't know what their "wind threshhold" is -- I'm guessing somewhere in excess of 50mph though. I'm not sure which shuts down first due to wind -- the summit chair or the tram. I'd think they could run the chair in higher winds.

The windiest I've ever seen though was at Snowbird during ESA this year. We were in the tram as it was closing in on the summit; that tram car must have swaying 30 degrees from vertical. Skiing down Chip's Run (or whatever it's called) into that Peruvian Bowl thingie was an experience. Total whiteout from the blowing snow. See? You didn't need to see. Just point 'em. How much speed can you get going into a wind like that?

Originally Posted by habacomike
geez guys. I grew up in wyoming, and if the wind was 10 mph, we thought it was calm. I can still remember one day in college seeing the flag limp against the flagpole and thinking "I don't think I ever have seen that before."
A gentle breeze (<40mph) is just part of being outdoors.
I've never skied in Wyoming, but I have done some bicycling there. All I can say is that after riding there, I became convinced that Wyoming invented wind. Chicago -- and everywhere else -- merely imports the wind from Wyoming.
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I didn't ski Sunday 3/5 at Alpine Meadows due to wind.
Ward Peak above the ski area recorded 170mph winds.

Wasn't worth skiing with only Roundhouse & 1 lower lift open.
Most of Squaw was also closed.
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I was teaching at killington a couple of weeks ago and when i got off at the top of the skye peak gondola - after sitting on it for about twenty mins - the wind was reaching gusts of up to 80 mph with dime size hail!!! Luckily the two eight yr olds in my class thought it was fun and exciting. After sitting in the patrol shack for a few mins we decided to brave it and ski to the bottom. i had to pull the kids over the headwall b/c we were being blown back up the hill and the whole way down we were dodging debris. It was quite the adventure and they ended up closing all but two of the lifts for the day.
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A couple off weeks ago at Whiteface the wind was pretty strong. It blew a newbie we where with right off the side of the exit ramp on the lift. Good thing for the safety net. The ride up the summit chair was pretty hairy. I did like the way it sucked the dust/ snow down the run, which is pretty steep.
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Since i live on the Gulf of Mexico, I ought to no something about high wind speeds. First, let me say that there is a huge difference between 75 mile per hour gusts that can shut down a lift and 75 mile per hour sustained hind spinds which would be Cat. 1. We had hinds gusting to 80 miles an hour when Rita hit but the sustained wind speed never went above forty. Almost every storm would be a hurricane if 74 mile per hour gusts were all it took. Both Rita and Katrina gusted to well over 200. But that doesn't have a whole lot to do with skiing. And, in fact, I don't think we can adequately say: sustained wind speed forty-- stops gondola, seventy-- can't ski, or anything else like that. It all depends on a ton of other factors. The only time I have a true problem is when the lifts stop, and this dependends on so many other factors that I can't even begin to put a speed on it. I will say that snow blowing in your face at 70 mph is no fun, but there's no way that's going to keep me from skiing. What's my point in all this rambling: wind speed tells you about as much as, oh, maybe a trail sign without a shape on it.
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Sugarloaf has some pretty serious winds as well. Spillway longside and King Pine are quite exposed and seem to shut down if there's a sustained wind of about 25 mph. According to the mountain, the Superquad can handle anything up to 40 mph.

For me, winds over 10 mph are noticeable and can be uncomfortable on a real cold day but I wouldn't consider it windy. As soon as it gets up towards 15 to 20 that's a pretty windy day. Once you get over that (which it does fairly often at the 'loaf) it starts getting ridiculous.
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About 8 years ago at 10am I'm traversing the middle of the cirque access trail at Snowbird along a knife edge with cliffs on both sides.

Suddenly the wind picks up from nothing to over 100mph. I literally hung
onto a bush for 20 to 30 minutes for shelter to keep from being blown
over a cliff on either side. It finally dropped to maybe 50mph and I could
work my way down.

Upon reaching the bottom I find that they closed every lift for the rest
of the day and at a rare moment in history they were giving
out refunds (credit vouchers) to everyone.

This was quite scary at the time.
I had not seen sustained winds this high before. It was even blowing
over 18 wheelers on the Interstate.:

John in MD
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sometimes even a 25-30 mph wind can be enough to force alift to close, if it is blowing from the right direction... take G lift, in Windham as an example... we have stayed open on some pretty strong winds, just because they were blowing from a direction that didn't pick up the chairs... and we have closed on days with less wind just because it was blowing in just the direction needed to pick the chairs up at the top and slam them against the towers...

The worst part is that most skiers don't seem to understand that when we close it is because it is not seafe... and they complain to us lifties about it... but trust me... when we close, it is bad... next time you are there, ask me or any of the operators why there is no chair 3...
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