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Salomon Space Frame Technology

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Just interested in knowing what everyone thinks about Salomons Space Frame Technology.

I keep hearing people say they the skis are only lasting one season, that the skis are soft, etc.

Last year it Space Frame was in the 1080's and Pocket Rocket, this year its in the Scream's (hot, extra hot, ak rocket and again in the Pocket Rocket and 1080).

Salomon has typically put out excellent product, from boots, bindings and skis, I am sure Space Frame will improve or prove it self.

I remember monocaulk (sp) construction being brand new.

Opinions and thoughts welcome.
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some of the products from salomon seem to take a season or 2 to mature imho. the pilot system for example came out a few years back and it recieved mixed reviews, but has gradually improved over the years.

on the other hand, some companies will just do a bang up job the first year a new technology is introduced to the consumer market (a'la motion system).

The most important thing though, is whether you personally like the ski and its technology or not [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Space frame technoogy is just a fancy way of saying cap construction.
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i love the pocket rocket. after 3 full seasons of use it is still springy and bouyant.
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Hey folks -

The CrossMax 10 Pilot also has the SpaceFrame technology this year. There were a number of interesting differences between the 02-03 and the 03-04 models.

The newer ski has almost no camber - I can only attribute this to the extra longtitudinal (sp?) stiffness provided by the SpaceFrame - and it still has all the "pop" I need.

Also, the ski seems to be much more damp than previous models. A very subjective side-by-side test of the skis - with the tails in the snow and inducing vibration by wiggling the tip - shows that the newer CrossMax 10 damps out the vibrations much faster than the old model.

Throw in the new mounting of the Pilot system and you've got a ski that puts a big dumb grin on my face. IMHO, Volkl / Marker has the only "system" that has the potential (from a design / engineering perspective) to beat the Pilot from Salomon, and with no Volkl rep / demos in our area, its harder to fork out the extra cash for something you've never skied on.

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