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The right boots for me???

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Hi this is my first thread so bear with me!!!!

I am a reasonably adavanced skier and would say im about a level 6,7,8ish depending on who asses me. Lets just say i love skiing.

At the moment i have a pair of rossignol salto sts ski boots, and have been told by many people that this boot is not advanced enough for me, is this true???

So i am looking for a new pair of boots and need some recomendations!!!

I have also had one of my best friends recomend a pair of tecnica icon alu (non comp) to me, are these boots right for me??

Any one who replies i really do appreciate it

Thanks james
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Your best bet is to go to a GOOD ski shop in your area and start checking stuff out. If the shop is worth anything, they will ask you the questions needed to get you into the best boot for you, both from a standpoint of fit and performance. Asking "what boot is good" is WAYYYY too loaded of a question. So many boots, so many fits. You need to know what feels good on your foot, and what one person loves, another hates.

Good luck!
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salomon SX92's are the best for you.

what axe said
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Thankyou for your replies everyone, i have since been down to my nearest boot fitter and have tried on a variety of boots. I need to go down for one more fiting session, but it seems like the boot for me is the salomon xwave 9.
Does anyone have any comments about these boots before i buy them: ?

Thanks Again James
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If I told you I hated them would it matter?: Again, get what's BEST FOR YOU. I wore Salomon boots for many years, and swore up and down they were the only boot for me when I was in the market to buy this year. As it turned out, I didn't like the fit/feel of ANY of this year's boots. I was stupified!! I ended up in a Nordica Beast 10 (which ended up having too much volume so I sold them), and now in a Atomic M10. I would have NEVER touched an Atomic boot had it not been for the guy at the shop.

In a nutsell, if you think they are the boot for you, then get them. If you've tried on enough boots, you should know what is right for YOU. What I think shouldn't matter. We're all different. Like I said, had someone not showed me the Atomic boots, I wouldn't have known about them, and to be honest, they are about the PERFECT boot for me. Oh - and I got them for over 50% OFF what most places were selling them for.:

Again - good luck. Take your time, and make the right choice for YOU based on how the boots feel, and what you're riding style is.
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Like the other guys said, not even a great bootfitter can tell you which boot is "best" for you based on an exchange on the ski forum.

That said, I too had the Salto boot and am probably about at your level. IMO, you'll benefit from moving up to a higher performance boot, properly fitted. I did.

Is the XWave the right boot for you? Only you will know!
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Speaking of good local ski shops. Can anyone recommend one in or around Portland, OR?

I planned to buy boots in a shop but I'm relatively new to the area.

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You may contact dawgcatching. He is close to your area or could maybe recomend a shop in Portland.
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