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Piecing together a tunning kit

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*I've already searched, I'm still unclear about the whole ordeal

I want to peice together a tuning kit, but am confused as to what to get as there are many options. I don't need anything fancy, because I wouldn't be tuning very often (couple times a season). I figure for my skiing, I would want a 1 degree base edge and 2 degree side edge. I'd like to spend no more than $100.

My list as of now:
1. File (which one(s)? )
2. angled file guides (should I get an adjustable plastic one or buy individual angles)
3. Stones (seem to be so many options I'm spinning, Moonstones? Which ones?)
4. Universal Wax (would it be worth it to get individual waxes?
5. Iron ( I have an old one I will try out before I spring for a wax iron)
6. Vices (also alot of options and expensive, any ideas for coping without?)

I'm pretty mechanically proficient (work on cars, rebuild engines), so I'd be willing to work with some of the harder to use tools for better results.

I'm a good skier, I ski fast and agressively, been skiing for 21 years, so getting a good tune is important and I will spring for better equipment is necessary
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See sticky note at top of this forum

here : http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=34227
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Stuff I use- Files: Swix Ice cut bastards (8in.)
93 degree winning edge file guide
Moonstone diamond stones, spyderco ceramic stones (both medium and heavy grit)
Definatly worth getting individual waxes because of different temperatures. I have a lot of wax so i wont get into that..shoot me a PM if you want more info.
Iron-I wouldnt use a clothes iron on your skis , just because of uneven heat distribution as compared to a ski iron. Also a ski iron has an internal thermostat that keeps the iron at a steady desired temperature. Definatly worth the extra 40 or so bucks.
I use ski man vices, I think they are 115 bucks or so ... your not gonna really find much cheaper, and if you do they will be lacking in quality.
Good Luck
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Here is a package that does what you want for $100. I am not saying the other suggestions posted here are bad, I am just offering this according to the budget you cited. You can add a scraper and a nylon brush to this for under $20.

Pocket II Tuner for edge bevel [#1320]
#1320 $24.99 USD
70mm Diamond Stone
#1308Color: Blue (Coarse/Medium) $7.99 USD
Green Vari-Temp Wax Iron [#1401]
#1401 $44.99 USD
TWO _LARGE_ 150-g HYDROCARBON Wax bars, 1 warm PLUS 1 cold Bar
#604 $18.49 USD
Amount $96.46 USD
Shipping, $9.00, will be added upon checkout.

You can get a cheaper iron (I sell one for $30), but this is 100 times better for the small difference in price.

Ski Man vises are the best. I will be selling the Ski Man Compact next week for $95. There are cheaper vises that I can special order for you. Look at the vises on the FK tools site http://www.fktools-us.com/; whatever they sell, I can sell you for a better price.

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There's also the Race Place. Scott Holmer is the originator the the Beast line of tuning supplies. He was featured in last month's edition of Skiing Magazine in an article on how to wax skis. In this month's edition he writes about tuning skis for the recreational skier and the basic tools for the job. See,
http://www.ski-racing.com/packages.html for tuning packages.
Go to the Race Place main page for a toll free technical assistance line.

P.S. I'm not affiliated with the Race Place in any way. I just think that they offer excellent supplies and service.

EDIT: Just saw the 2nd installment in this month's SKIING magazine.
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Thanks for everyone's help here!

I went to reliable racing and started to peice together a kit and it looks like:
3mm Plastic Scraper
Bludan 8in. File
Reliable Racing nylon/brass brush
DMT Diamond Stone - Fine (600), should I get two different kinds or will one do?
Winning Edge File Guide - deciding between 2 or 3 degree for side edge
Swix Hydrocarbon Wax

1. What should I use for working the base edge? Can I just get a 1 degree file guide?
2. Any ideas for a vice that doesn't cost $100? I would only be doing a couple tunes a year, its hard to justify the cost. Any ideas for a homeade setup?
3. Still confused on wax and whether or not its necessarry for a base type of wax and a surface type of wax.

Thanks again for all of the help!
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If you are just going to maintain your edges, I like (and use) a Ski Visions Ski Sharp since I can maintain both base and side bevels (http://www.reliableracing.com/detail...&category=2000) and you can get Aluminum Oxide stones to deburr too. However, if you are going to cut your own bevels, then a guide and file and stones are needed.

If you are just starting out tuning, you might not need a base bevel guide yet. Yes, they are extremely useful, but being new to it, I would stick to the side bevels first (it'll be more bang for the buck reward in terms of what you feel especially if you are looking for a budget tuning kit).

Vices, basically there are a few types, but none are super cheap. I remember there are instructions on here about making a homemade vice, but I have not tried it. The one thing to watch if you buy a vice setup, many I have owned have had issues with the clamps snapping because they are typically just cast metal and snap when properly tightened.

In terms of wax, final waxes can be VERY expensive. Prep wax is cheap. I would highly recomend getting some prep wax so that you can impregnate the bases and also minimize the amount of your final wax you need to use.

Something to keep in mind, getting tuning equiptment is not really a cheaper out, but not only do you no longer have to bring your skis to be tuned (and pay for them), plus you can make some extra cash (and beer) by tuning other peoples equiptment too. I've had people buy me 180g bars of wax I was short on for me to tune their skis (saving me roughly $20 in wax).
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