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? about boot fit/pain

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Hello all. Although I just joined the forum, I've been lurking around for awhile now.

My question concerns the fit of my boots. They are Dolomite Rage X10's.
The problem is that I experience fairly substantial pain in the archs towards the back of my heels, on the inside of the foot, on my left foot more than my right. This pain usually goes away after the first couple of runs for the rest of the day other than some numbness after I take a lunch break.

When I stand in the boots w/out liners I have 1 1/2 finger of room between the heel and the back of the boot shell on my right foot and 1 finger on my left. There doesn't seem to be any hotspots at all until I put the liners back in which have been thermo fit w/out any noticable difference in fit before they were thermo fit.

I have tried orthotics which did get rid of the heel pain but drastically increased my arch pain and I didn't realize any significant performance increase over the stock footbed, probably because I was in too much pain to notice.

I will go to see a proper bootfitter, but the problem is that the nearest one is about 2 hours away from me, and was just wondering what you guys thought was the potential problem.

I've got 14 days in these boots so far this season, and I would consider myself a strong intermediate.

Another question...Does anybody have any suggestions for a bootfitter in the Portland, Or area?
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have you tried with a flat (no support footbed) or with out a foot bed at all?

do your feet touch the width of the shell w/o liner?
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Thak's for responding.

There doesn't seem to be any tightness around the width of my foot w/out the liner in the boot.

I have gone back to the stock footbeds for my last 3 days skiing in these boots and the stock footbeds are about as flat as you can get. I don't think removing them altogether will help because my foot will start to swim a little in the boot.

I'm very flat footed and have wide feet and the Rage X10's were suppose to be a better fit for this type of foot. My last pair of boots were Nordica GrandPrix's which were a tighter/stiffer boot than these, but I didn't have any pain at all in the Nordica's except occasionally in the toe box area after several days skiing in a row. Before that I had some Lange's (I think they were zero9's) which took a ton of fitting, but were my favorite boots ever, which is strange because the typical Lange fit is nowhere near my foot type.

I should also clarify my ability. I use to be a expert level skiier, but consider myself only a strong intermediate now because until this season I haven't skiied for the last 5 years and I now weigh 30lbs more and I'm on shaped skis for the first time and my confidence has dropped enough where I find myself in the backseat in situations that didn't even phase me 5 years ago. I also find myself skiing with a wider stance which I'm partially attributing to shaped skis, but still bothers me.

Along the lines of the shaped ski thing. My last pair of skis were Dynastar Coupe X8's, Rossi Mt. Viper X's and Authier Goldstars. I'm now skiing on Rossi Bandit B3's and Bandit X's of which so far I prefer the Bandit X's.
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and did changing foor beds help then?
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Yes, going back to the stock footbeds helped, but there's still pain for the first few runs. The orthotics made it painfull ALL day long.

My main concern is that I'm loosing a performance advantage by not using the orthotics, which I've failed to realize thus far. As of now I don't feel a performance issue with this boot and the stock footbed, but who wouldn't mind better performance?

I'm going to see Jeff at US Outdoors in Portland tommorrow, since he's the only person that I've been recommended in my area. I hope the issues are resolved in that one visit because he's 2 hours away from me and it's hard to keep going back to get more tweaks. With my work schedule I basically have to sacrifice a day of skiing everytime I go to the boot fitter.
This is the reason I'm trying to get ideas to what the problem is before I go to the fitter so I'm better educated and the process better focuses on the actual issue.
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the orthotics might make you ski better, but you in a better stance, align you better, but if it is painfull then that is more important.

Go with what feels best, and good luck with Jeff, he should have some good ideas for you
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Well here's the update;

I have very wide and flat feet, much more than most people, so it seems. It's much worse in my left foot than my right which a consequence of a prior injury to that leg.
In addition, my left inside ankle sits right up against the shell when I stand in the boot w/out the liner.
Jeremy at US Outdoor said the best boots for me in terms of fit and ability to be fitted to my feet/calfs are Tecnica Diablos and Soloman X-waves and possibly next years Rossi Bandits.

He punched/widened the insides of both boots and worked the cuff on my left boot. I ended up also getting Conformable footbeds made while I was there. My old footbeds were about 15+ years old and made for me when I was about 40lbs less.

I had the stock liners reformed to the boot and my feet/new footbeds.
In the store, I walked around in the boots for about an hour and the fit eliminated all pain issues, yet provided uniform snugness all around. I can't wait to ski in these this weekend (it's been dumping big time around here).

We'll see how this goes, but looks promising thus far.

Next season I'll have to decide if I should get new boots, or just get ZipFits for the Dolomites. Jeremy didn't care for Dolomites too much, but said they are probably adequate. What do you guys think? Also, what's your guys experience with the Conformable footbeds?
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