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Racing Skis for 7 yr old

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My 7 yr old wants to take up ski racing next year [img]smile.gif[/img] at our local ski hill.

He would be in a house league and the hill has about 245 ft of vertical drop. He completed the Level 3 programme this year, has been sking for the last 3 years and has a very aggressive approach to sking (his coach suggested ski racing).

I've seen other kids using everything from entry-level recreational skis to dedicated racing skis and I'm not sure what type of ski we should be looking at getting him for next season.

Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Many of the kids skis are just too soft/wimpy for a kid who is agressive. Select carefully and pay close attention to how much your son weighs.

These next few years will try your patience and your budget. I would try to get a hand-me-down from a parent who's kid was happy with the skis. Make sure they have real shape and are just not "race graphics". You can compromise a bit an get something like a 130 SL.

Boots are going to factor too. Try to get a good four buckle boot. They don't need a race boot at this point.
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So a couple of years back I did a tonne of research both online and discussing it various ski stores (who all know us well - so they don't bullsh!t me)....and since backed it up with on snow results....

Basically for an average seven year old (my kids are small girls - very light!!!) there is not much choice frankly....Typically kids skis are foam core and have extruded bases that are more often than not severely railed from the factory....ie I wouldn't give them to a dog to ski on!!!!

So if I assume that your seven year old weighs somewhere around 20-25kgs - I personally would be recommending the same setup that I have for the last few years put my girls on:

Rossignol Power 9 Racing (I'll include a link coz they call it various things in different markets), with Salomon 608CP bindings...

This ski is available from 110cm in 10 cm increments (and an average 7 yo would probably be at around 110), is wood cored and has a quality sintered base....It's geometry is OK (ie compromise) for both GS and SL....

Here are some links that you might find useful:

http://www.rossignol.com/index.php?&class=AlpinSki&function=display&templat e=matrice-alpine.html&context[file]=alpine-skis-details.html&oid=1473


Don't go too long - most manufacturers kids racing skis start at 130 in an SL ski - way too big for an average 7 yo (however you might have a kid who is both strong and weighs a lot!!!)....Be patient - they will be big enough in time for fair dinkum race skis! A too long ski will make things very bad for the kid!

Interestingly K2 have started making their Axis kids ski with a wood core....I'd be interested in how that goes - will make a judgement on that this year....

So testing on snow??? ***EXCESSIVELY PROUD PARENT MODE ON*** Well the kids pretty much win everything they enter (they live on the snow - sometimes to their distain!!)....This coming year will be interesting and the source of much fighting (arrrrgh) - they are going to be in the same age category....

Of course skis, the tune, base structure and waxing only improve things by small percentages....it's the kids who actually ski....

My 2c....

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Oh yeah....echo what yuki said...careful with the boots....kids are not all that strong....so listen to what an expert bootfitter says....it will most likely not be a super stiff race boot - ie it will have a soft forward flex....

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The progression of the length of skis for juniors (and adults too) has been shorter and shorter.

My sons first skis (owned), at eight, were Rossi Viper Jr's in a 135. A good ski with lots of side cut, that saw him through his first few months of the race development program.

Second ski was a 150 (low entry race), Atomic. Less shape and poor bases ..... he hated the ski.

Third, was Volkl's SL P-30's at 150. Better than the Atomic but a bit soft.

Stockli Jr. GS in a 152 ... one of his favorites

Stockli SL (138) and GS (148) have seen him through the last year ..... his weight is now at 97 pounds so he is going to move up to a Stockli SL (144) or GS in 149 or 159. His weight in August will be the main factor.

He also had a P-40 Volkl in 163 that he could ski fine but it would probably not have done well racing on when he was about 70 pounds.

His sizes have come down considerably. Four years ago a J-3 would have been in the 160 to 170's.

Learn to do basic sharpening and waxing. They are necessary for running gates and free skiing. As a J-5 you won't need to spend $75 on the fluro waxes but by the time he is a 4, things ....... let me put it this way...... YOU will feel better knowing that you sent your kid out on that (sometimes) icy hill with fresh edges and reasonable base prep. They start skiing pretty hard pretty soon and going out with a bad tune is like going to battle with half a clip.
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