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Originally Posted by Gotama
Just FYI, I did not have to measure the gap between my B5's.

When the skis were placed base to base they were flat, no gap!

On the shop floor with brakes up, one perfectly flat, the other almost touching.
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Just got my new B5s today. They are still the 05/06 graphic, which just means to me that they'll be less likely to attract thieves... I'll mount them today, and get them out on-snow either tomorrow (doubtful, but possible) or next week.
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Originally Posted by carve
I have SSH's old 2004/2005 B5s from last year. He said he skied them about a dozen days or so, and I've skied on them for only two days (due to knee injury). I just measured, and they have 16mm base-to-base with a brake retracted. Laying on the floor, the clearance is very tight- it couldn't be more than a couple of mm. Of course, they do have the older, heavier bindings which keeps them a little lower.
I'll measure my new ones today and let you know. That 16mm seems about right to me.

How are they skiing? The hint for me was when they stopped hooking up like rockets and the under-foot edge grip went away. They got really mushy underfoot.
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The new ones are exactly 16mm when base-to-base resting on their tails.

Mounting will need to wait... seems the guy who removed the bindings for shipping left the rails on the old skis, so I have Neox bindings but no rails. Oh, well. Should have replacements on Friday.
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