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Moonflex size

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What lenght 70 or 100mm Moonflex do I want? Probably go with a "beast" base guide and a Winning edge side guide from Tognor. Not sure if I want 1 or 2 degree for the side http://www.tognar.com/bevel_edge_base_side_steel_tools_guides_ski_snowbo ard.html
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Go for the 100mm. I'm not sure if the 70mm is even long enough to stradle the support plates on a Beast base guide?

A 100m gives you greater ability to move the contact point back & forth thus minimising wear on the stone.
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If you are unsure of the side bevel, you could think about getting one that handles the shims- order the 1 degree and a shim of 1 degree to handle both angles- you can only use 1 shim, do not stack more than 1 shim at a time. Or think about the less expensive guides from Reliable Racing Winning Edge Guides ($16.95 ea) and get one of each.

I have wondered about the FK File Guide which comes with all the shims and a clamp mechanism. It is $40 on Reliable's web site, I have not searched FK's site to see if it is sold there for anything different.
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FK is one of my suppliers. If you see anything on their site that you like, I can give you a price that beats theirs.

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