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Public Apology to vlad.

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I posted a couple of things in the "who is vlad?" post that I now regret. My posts had to do with Spider Sabich and Claudine Longet. I didn't realize when I posted those that Spider had been as close to vlad and vlad's family as he apparently was.

What seemed to me at the time to be a clever and humorous idea was, in retrospect, tasteless and insensitive.

vlad, I apologize.
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you're a good man, Bob Peters.
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Originally Posted by uncle crud
you're a good man, Bob Peters.
Ditto that!!
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I don't pick favorites, and know and have met a lot of people that post here, and hopefully will meet many more.

My gut feeling is the guy with most integrity who posts here is Bob Peters, hands down.

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Originally Posted by Uncle Louie
My gut feeling is the guy with most integrity who posts here is Bob Peters, hands down.

Ditto that. It's easy to get carried away in the heat of the moment, though, if you stand in the fire .
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I never thought I'd see Corky Fowler's name mentioned in a post and I have Vlad to thank. I got Jet Sticks in 1970 for my Raichle Red Hot boots just like Corky Fowler. Took me another tenty years to get out of the back seat, but I was cool in 1970!
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Just home for lunch and decided to check things out. Lots has happened I guess. I feel kind of responsible for what happened. What started out as a fun thread spiraled into something that I really don't understand and innocent from my prospective.

My original post was only in fun about Vlad. i was amazed and still am about him, his knowledge about almost every subject that appears on this website. I have stated that before along with the praise of a couple more relative newcommers. It never ocurred to me that what seemed like harmless fun poking was in fact close to home for him and feelings were hurt.

I think you all know me and my heart and those who have known me over the years know I'm a big pussy cat and would never intentionally harm anyone. Let alone someone I really don't know anything about.

Words are worse that bullets and hurt as much when used improperly. If any of mine did harm, it is my deepest regret and sincere apology that such be forgiven.

This website would no doubt be worse off without the presence of Vlad, whoever he is.
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Stand up posts guys and Vlad if you read this, I enjoyed your perspective and insights and hope you come back.
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Yep we all make mistakes -it takes a big person to stand up to His .

Vlad :: come on back ---we need to haVE YOUR PERSPECTIVE ON THIS SPORT . It's obvious that you have much to share
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True gentlemen have stood up and been counted. May we hope for that ethic from all.
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-no agenda
-rejects dogma
-no ego
-best, most thoughtful posts on epicski
Bob Peters:
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don't forget,

-excellent mtn guide at JH
-knows the backcountry around JH
-hosts Bears for cocktail parties complete with many moose foraging in the yard
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- dead on target with a shad dart without even trying :
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