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Goggle query.....

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Can anyone recommend any websites (preferably based in the UK) where I can find reasonably priced goggles. I'm after some Oakleys but bottom end seem to be going for around £90 (or there abouts). That's a bit too steep for me.

Many thanks.........
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Slightly different goggle query--
has anyone had any experience with Smith Turbo goggles (with the little fan) over glasses? Do they really work?
Rhys, I hope I'm just borrowing and not hijacking your thread.
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Originally Posted by sno'more
has anyone had any experience with Smith Turbo goggles (with the little fan) over glasses? Do they really work?
I bought those for my Dad for chrismas many years back. He has AMAZINGLY f-ed up vision problems- huge thick glasses, graves disease (makes you see cross eyed), constant fogging, etc... I figured with all the crap seeing-problems he puts up with on the slopes, he deserved and needed the "Cadallac of Googles"- the smith ones you are talking about- with the fan... this was when they were new technology and really "avant guard" as well- and wicked expensive.

Anyways, they didn't really help my dad, he didn't like them, they didn't do the trick, and never used them other than an expensive way to hold on his hat, or just to block snow guns on the lift. Positives: The fan was a little fun to play with, and makes a neat "whirring" noise to show off to your friends. "Hey- my goggles have a fan in them- how cool is that"

Bottom line, I'm SOL and out of lot of $$ because he hated them.
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Ouch, but thanks. I talked to a guy at Snowbird last month who just raved about them . . .

Now I have the classic split opinion--one guy swears by them the other guy swears at them. :
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The Smith Turbo fan works really well, not sure what your dad was doing but they are highly effective for defogging/glasses issues, I know many people that swear by them.

Since I ski in a dry place I use Smith Prodigy (w/o Turbo fan), they are great fit, strap fits helmet by default (don't have to pay $16 for goggle strap from lame Oakley like the A-Frame) lots of cool frames/lens options.

You can get them new for 50-60 USD on eBay.
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