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Help me decide (Allstar, M:10, AMC76)

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I went down to the local ski shop today, and they're having a pretty good sale, but it gets even better on Saturday. Providing they still have them in stock then, I'm planning to pick up a pair of skis, but I'm having trouble deciding between the following models:

Volkl Allstar 175cm
Volkl 5-star 175cm
Volkl AC4 170/177cm
Fischer AMC76 176cm
Atomic M:10 171cm
Please point out others that might suit, but the above are in stock locally.

The salesman there directed me to the Allstar, AMC76, and M:10, so I'm not sure if he was just trying to sell the most expensive stock or what. He had high praise for the allstar, but also said I couldn't really go wrong with any of them. The M:10 was a detached binding, whereas all the others are integrated. I'm leaning towards the allstar, but I'm not sure enough to drop more than half a grand without getting some more opinions.

I've used rentals until this year. I picked up some barely-used Volkl CrossRanger 190cm in January and skied them a few times, but I had difficulty getting grip on ice/crud. I couldn't really get a whole edge to bite, and I'm supposing they're probably too long for my weight, but perhaps it's just my technique.

About me: I'm 23, 6 feet tall, about 160-175lbs (haven't weighed in recently). I've skied my whole life, in the Alps, Colorado, Tahoe, and now I'm in Seattle. I like to get up my speed on groomed courses, and am a bit apprehensive on steep bumps but can handle them at a medium pace. I don't really hit too much powder, but darting into the trees can be fun occasionally. I'm trying to teach a few friends to ski, so I kinda need something that won't try to force me down the mountain when my buddies fall. I only ski about 10 days a year, but I like to stay the whole day when I go. Maybe on some nice skis I'll be going more often...

I'd also like to say that finding useful ski information on the web is like pulling teeth, so I'm hoping this community can pull me through. Thanks in advance!
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Based on your weight, I think you really should be looking at shorter lengths on those skis, 168 at most in the Allstar and 5*.

If you search this forum, you will find tons of reviews of all the skis you list; there is also a separate forum on the site for "Consumer Reviews".

Also, I'll be the first to say (of the chorus you will certainly hear) that you should demo first.

As you probably know, the AC4 and AMC and more 70/30 "all mountain" while the Supersports are pretty much groomer zoomers. So, it's a question of taste. I would think living in Seattle you would want something with a good bit of width underfoot.

Here are a couple of sites I think have good info for comparing skis --


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Good advice (especially the sizing of the Voelkls). Also notice that the AMC76 is a love it/hate it ski. I would not buy it without demoing
Also find dawgcatcher's reviews onthis site. lots of models, good info
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I just bought a pair of M:10's and skied on them for the first time at Crystal (I am in the Seattle area too). I am an intermediate skier, weigh 240lbs. and got 171 length skis. Overall I was very pleased with them, and they weren't as "grabby" or "turny" as I was afraid they might be. For your weight, I would seriously consider the next length down (164), as I felt on groomed surfaces I might have liked the slightly shorter ski even with my weight. My wife bought a pair of M:9's in 157 length and they worked very well for her as well, neither of us have anything bad to say about the M:10 or M:9.

If you go to Backcountry.com and select any of the Metron skis they sell and then click on the Sizing Chart link, they have a nifty interactive tool that will ask a couple of questions and then give you the recommended "Metron Rating" that you can cross reference with the chart to find the recommended length for the model ski you are interested in. I found it pretty handy when trying to decide what length to get since the Metrons don't size in the traditional sense.

I am guessing you are thinking of buying from Sturtevant's since their progressive sale rolls over to 50% off on Saturday and you mentioned the price gets better after Saturday. You might ask what their exchange policy is on sale skis, but in the past they have been super lenient with exchanges (as long as you ultimately buy something from them) so that may take a little pressure off of you if you really hate the ski you pick.

Hope this helps...
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Update: I bought the Allstar 175cm. The employee at Sturtevant's was rather insistent that it was the right length for me, and they didn't have any 168's left anyway -what a coincidence. I'll let you know how it turns out after I get a chance to take it down the slopes.
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Hey, you got an excellent deal , 50% off, on the Allstars.

Just in case others are looking, Seattle Ski & Rental in Shoreline has 168cm Allstars and will match prices.
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Update: I got the skis back from the shop with the bindings mounted. Most stuff is fine, but the piston arm up front seems to have been gouged with a screwdriver or something:
You might write it off to carelessness, except it's the same on both skis. I realize the skis are gonna get a bit scratched up as I use them, but these are brand new and the plastic there seems rather thin. Is this normal mounting procedure, or should I take them back and whine a bit?

Also, the salesman told me that the boot size couldn't be adjusted after the piston arm was screwed in place, but he was wrong. The piston is attached to the underside rail-sliding portion, not to the adjustable toepiece.
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