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Bindings for Monter 88s

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I have just purchased a set of Monster 88s following the glowing recommendations of many bears. I bought these alone so i have to get some bindings for them. Now i currently own a set of 02/03 Rossi Moguls with Rossi Axial 140s (Red and black ones, would go well with the colour of the monsters). Do you guys think i should put these bindings on my monsters or fork out the extra money for some Rail Flex bindings. My main interest in the RailFlex system is the adjustable boot center feature. Is this feature really worth the new set of bindings or should i put the Rossi bindings on.
Also i have an old set of Dynastar speeds(which i don't use anymore) with the previous shape Look Pivots on them, do you think it would be a good idea to put these on the Moguls, or am i going to love the monsters so much that i won't need the moguls.

Cheers guys
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I put the railflex on my 88's. Kick butt binding. Solid as rock and being able to move the binding back for pow daze is the ticket IMO.

Good luck!

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Yeah i like the sound of it, but what's the general consensus, if i already have a brilliant binding like the Axial 140, is the RailFlex worth the money for the boot center adjustment and the "free flexing" properties?
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I'm a big fan of the Look/Rossi bindings, but I went with the RailFlex on 2 of the last 3 pairs of skis I've purchased, the Legend 8000 and the im77. I think the Reialflex gets the nod for 2 reasons:

1-The increased flexibility to move the binding forward and back increases the versatility of the ski.

2-It eliminates or reduces the worry of optimum binding position. If you mount the 140's and decide later you wish they were forward or back a click, you're either stuck with the "chosen" position or your faced with redrilling.
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whatever binding you like, put on the skis you like!

the notion of binding/ski "matchup" is, well, misinformed. some skis require a certain binding (i.e., some Dynastar require Look/Rossi) and the integrated systems obviously give you no choice.

beyond that, it's really up to what you want.
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I would avoid the rail flex unless you are heavy and have bought a shorter length, like the 175 and weighing 190+ lbs. I'm 185lb, and ski the 186 with ZR18's, pretty much the same as P18's, which are fairly light. The ski isn't a tank, but it's on the heavier side, so I'd be careful about putting a heavy binding on it.
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Another vote for RailFlex. I like them a lot, and they are easier to mount than regular two piece bindings. The verstility to adjust the binding position, and accomodate different boot sizes, is pretty nice. On most skis, any binding that permits free ski flex will result in a better feeling ski. I skied on a demo binding a long time ago where you could switch between rigid and flexible modes, and the rigid mode took a lot of life out of the ski.

I have RF bindings on a couple skis and would not say they are very heavy, though certainly heavier than a comparable binding screwed directly into the ski. With RF, the extra weight is in the beefy metal sliders on the heel and toe pieces, and the rails and extra screws. I'm about to mount a pair on a new pair of skis, and will weigh them if I remember.
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