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Salomon Scrambler Hot & Volkl Superspeed Review

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Stats: Male 6’ 200lbs 43 years old
Boots: Salomon Ellipse 9.0
Level: 6+ Skier who enjoys carving and just tooling down the mountain on long runs or short steeps. For the most part I have stayed out of the bumps.
Location: Ski Keystone 21 days a year.
Bio: I have been skiing four short years now and regret all those long missed years. Every year I have taken private lessons to get up to speed faster with my skiing abilities. I consider myself an Intermediate and my instructor told me I am a strong 6+. This is my first year skiing anything other than the “Sport” Skis everyone seems to learn on these days.

Skis Demoed: Salomon Scrambler Hot 174 and Volkl Superspeed 175

Conditions: Over the course of my skiing this trip there was no new snow although there was plenty before my arrival. The temps were in the mid 30’s as the day wore on. As the days started you had the typical groomed hard pack which gradually turned to soft crude. Early morning ice was on some runs.

First my impressions about the Salomon Scrambler Hot. I really like these skis from the beginning. They tracked really well when going straight on level terrain. They carved and made quick turns with relative ease. They punched through the crude acceptably and even tracked well on ice. I even took them into the bumps when my instructor wanted to give me the basics of traversing. Overall I really enjoyed these skis with one exception. When I really put the muscle to them they were not quite as responsive as I wanted. They were not bad, they just skidded sometimes when I wanted them to edge hard. There were a couple of times when I was really pushing hard where I felt a little detached from the slope if that makes any sense. Overall they were great skis and forgiving of my mistakes and I would recommend them to anyone wanting a good overall ski.
Now the Volkl Superspeed. Yea I know a little jump in ski type, but I wanted to try something more extreme to work on my ability to feel the differences in skis since this is the first time I have used anything other than Sport skis or more than one ski type in a season. My first couple of runs I took it easy to get the feel of these skis and was a bit hesitant. Once I got the feel for these skis and put the pedal to the metal I really felt what these skis could do. These skis like to move out down the mountain at a brisk pace. You put these on edge and they respond without a whimper. When I put the muscle to these they muscled me right back. The more edge I gave them the more edge they took even on ice. I could see how two things could happen. Put them on edge in long carving turns and the skis did all the work and responded wonderfully and easily. Put the muscle to them, especially in crud and you could feel the ski pounding down the mountain. One way it was a nice fast ride down the mountain, the other way your legs would be burning by the end of the run. Another thing about the Superspeed’s is they are not forgiving of sloppy driving. You better be steering these things from the front seat or you’ll find yourself on your backseat. I felt they were maybe a tiny bit jumpy on straight and levels at speed, but not too bad.
So to sum it up. For me the Salomon’s were great overall skis for tooling AROUND the mountain. I would not have a problem recommending them for your everyday skier looking to upgrade from beginner Sport type skis. The Volkl’s were great for tooling DOWN the mountain. I would not recommend the Superspeed’s for everyone, but they can teach you a thing or two about not being sloppy with technique and can really put a smile on your face at times.
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That's a really good review/comparo. The insight that certain skis match a particular attitude/approach, not just an ability level, is important but rarely seen.

By the way it sounds like your own attitude and awareness are very well advanced. I think with a killer pair of skis under you, you can expect your skills to catch right up next season
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