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Magne-Traction Anyone?

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Has anyone had much experience with the Lib Tech/Gnu snowboards using the Magne-Traction design? I am looking for a freeride board that will do a better job on east coast icy slopes than a standard board. Right now, if it gets real icy I reach for my skis!

Chris S.

Level I - Adaptive Snowboarding

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I know someone who had one last yeat ...he liked it a lot and said that it did make a difference in icy conditions. I was looking at one myself, but I wonder if most shops will be able to sharpen the edges with the machines that they have.
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What is the differance between Magna -Traction and a normal snowboard design?
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A normal snowboard only has two contact points on each edge. The Magne Traction has a wavy side, which creates more contact points (I think it's 7 of them).
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I've seen the Lib Tech Magne Traction in action. A friend uses one. He likes it a lot. It's a clever design that helps boarders who slide the board down the hill without a lot of edge angle. If you board by weighting and engaging a properly sharpended edge for any edge angle you want, you don't need this sort of set-up. And, it's an expensive board. Personally, I'd recomend a Donek Incline or Wide, which have great edge grip on ice, are custom made and, I believe, cost a lot less.
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Haven't ridden them, but it looks like a neat idea and gets good reviews initially from a lot of people. Skis will always be better than a board in firmer conditions, but with a good tune on a standard board you should still be fine on ice, be it a Donek, other niche manufacturer, or one of the larger co's boards, say a Burton Custom. I would demo before buying the Lib Tech, and in the meantime think if there are either tune or technique issues making life difficult on the firm stuff now.
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I agree. My only reservation about the Magne Traction is that is has a wavy edge and I wonder how that cuts through the snow of on ice when you are really carving turns. My friend who uses it doesn't carve, but slides around real fast, so he he likes the grip of the extra waves.
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Originally Posted by Chopin
I agree. My only reservation about the Magne Traction is that is has a wavy edge and I wonder how that cuts through the snow of on ice when you are really carving turns. My friend who uses it doesn't carve, but slides around real fast, so he he likes the grip of the extra waves.
Hmm.. all the reviews I've read said it's only really good for carving on ice and hardpack.

I'm going to see if I can demo one this winter. I'm really interested in the Gnu Riders Choice line getting magnetraction.
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Originally Posted by billycat
Hmm.. all the reviews I've read said it's only really good for carving on ice and hardpack.
The reviews may say that, but it's design lends me to think it's really designed for sliding and not carving on the ice and hardpack. With it's wavy sidecut, "seven serrations per side," as the Lib Tech website says, I can't see this board really carving on ice, like, for instance, on either a PGS or boarderx course. It's more of a compensation tool for a mid-level boarder who wants to tackle more difficult terrain but doesn't really have the technique to lock a normal edge into a genuine carve. By all means, though, demo it and buy it if you like it. Like I said, my friend has one and swears by it. He's a good boarder, but a slider, not a carver, unable to go across the fall line on steep hills because he slides downhill in a straight line, alternating edge-to-edge.
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In short it works fine. Carves ice, powder whatever. I demo'd a magna traction board at Loveland last year. First order of business was to take it down the iciest mogul run I could fine. I was impressed with the grab of the board. Some of my thoughts on the board are on this thread.
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Ok. In the thread you give, Zerozero mentions "killclimbz, you say it performs like a longer board, do you suppose the loss of shape or arc due to waves be the reason?"

Can you bend the board into any shape arc you want when on edge? Or is the board limited here? Could you imagine this working on a boarderX course or even GS gates?
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It rides just like any other board. The effort you have to put in to turn it is more like a board of a larger size. So if you are riding say a 161, it has more of a feel of maybe a 168. The "french fry" cut of the board is not that pronounced. I was impressed enough with it. elsnowboardo on actuall hated it. If I remember correctly he didn't like the way it would hold a rail. Too hard to get off your edge once you lay it over. I might be completely wrong on that last statement.

In short it has all the characteristics of any other snowboard, except for what I have noted above.

The biggest problem I see with it, is self tuning and even a shop tune for the board. The wavy edge, would be problematic for home tuning and might be a problem even for a shop. Tech or not, once your edges get dull you need to sharpen 'em. Especially when riding hardpack.
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I second a Donek too. Or any other Freerideboard made by a custom raceboard factory. Must admit I've never been on a magne-traction. Thinks its like Bataleon an intermediate board, no better than other expensive boards from the big companies. Nothing ever beats a good construction based upon a good woodcore.
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i started when i was 11 im now 31 things have change binding and boots but i own a 09 rossi jdub with mag got it because it was 200$ cad cash new in board bag was a steal and i was in need of new board and I'm an east coaster nothing but hard pack and tones of ice  no more park for me due to extreme car accident but can still free ride NP i love mag  the way it dings right in and cuts into the ice you can hear the crackle as you push the edge in hold way better than a regular edge and my buddy rides park he files down the edge for park and it still hold edge it not a gimmick really works one day will probably see it on a set of ski  can tell the ripple is their only thing you notice is the wonderfully bite into the ice like i said i love my  love this board and i think itd a leap forward in edge tech if you get a chance to ride one do it  you will fall in love and get one  


plus my 09 r0ssi has sick gfx on top of it

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Ive been riding the Magnatraction for a while now along with a lot of non-mag boards.

 1) Tuning-  It is not that hard to tune any competent tuner can edge a board or ski with Mag. You simply follow the in and out of the edge when side edging. base edge is less tricky.

 2) Ride-- In my opinion I did not experience any difference in feel regarding board length. In other words 161 rides like a 161 The board rolls onto and off of edge just like any other I ride

   The difference is an insane amount of edge hold on boiler plate Ice. the stuff I usually tread lightlly on even when on a race board.  Some of my jib happy friends love the mag because they think

it delivers ok grip even after they detune there edges for rails and boxes. The 7 points increase edge pressure so a dull mag board still produces more grip than a dull non mag

 3) When someone has trouble getting a board off edge it is a problem with either there riding or the tune (base/side bevel lack of bevel in tip or tail or a need for detune( most folks these days use extra bevel rather than detune in the tip and tail) So if you demo a board and it wont come off edge chances are the tune or set up is the culprit not the board as these days even chinesse crap boards turn well.

4) If I had had mag on my race boards back in the day I would have won more races!roflmao.gif

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