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Juggling Diamond

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If you want to see how the Sports Diamond is used to create Brilliance, take a look at this. Transpose this to your skiing.

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thanks weems
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Thank you, Weems. It made me see brilliance as linking mere human beings with something much bigger. This guy's performance transcends juggling--watching him makes us wonder at the amazing potential of the human spirit to be extra-ordinary and to transform the most mundane trick like juggling into the highest kind of art.
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My cat does that too.
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After meeting with my senior group of skiers in Janurary, I presented your sports diamond concept of breaking out of their pleatau of skiing and being able to obtain their indivual goals. After 7, one day weekly sessions of insturction, they all have gone beyond what they have ever thought of doing on skis and are enjoying skiing more than ever. Brilliant skiing for each of them. Thanks Weems!


PS: cool media!
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Wow, thanks, Ron. I'm really pleased that it was useful. It gets more fun every day.
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