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Fat Twins

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Thanks everyone who had something to say for my previous post, I'm now wondering if anyone can shed some light on the fat twin competition between:

Atomic Stomp
Pocket Rocket
Dynastar Little Big Fat
Rossi Scratch BC

Also if anyone knows how well these kinds of skis mount up against skis like the B2, Explosiv, Inspired, R:ex etc when it comes to all mountain performance??

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Thredbo, I like it.

I have tried the BC and found that they were quite serviceable on the groomed.

Was thinking about the Stomp but have moved away from it towards the R:Ex or Sugar Daddy.
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I skied the Scratch this summer in Whistler, and it was fair, but I was unimpressed overall. The PR truly is a great ski for lighter guys like me (5'8 155) and it rips down anything you throw at it. I haven't skied the Stomp, but I hear it's killer as well. Also, the Mad Trix Mojo is a pretty popular choice. I'd recommend demoing the PR, the Mad Trix, and the Stomp personally. My .02.
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My 80-mm plus waist skis from last season:

R:EX, Pocket Rocket, and Seth Pistol

My 80-mm plus waist skis for this season:

R:EX and Seth Pistol...do the math.

The Stomp is going to be the best of the list you provided for all-mtn. riding. That being said, I love my Pistols, puke-colored graphics and all. I definitely prefer them to the PR's for all around, although the PR's were a bit more fun in the park. However, I didn't think that they would hold up to that kind of abuse. Also, a not so fat twin that lots of folks love is the V-Pro. Not bad for a one-quiver twin.
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